Happy Resurrection Sunday

He is risen, Jesus is risen from the dead! Hallelujah!

Today was a rather low-key day, as Mark awakened with his stomach feeling a little sore. At that point, I was glad I had not prepared a large meal for today. After some time, however, he thought his stomach was feeling a little better and  I was quite amazed as I saw him heading for the front door! Upon inquiring what, exactly, he had planned, he just said we were going for a ride.

The kids and I rounded up the Scotties, I grabbed  my camera, and off we went.  As we drove, Mark asked what I might like to do. I told him I had been wanting to go hunting for some time now.

So, hunting we did go!

Well, kind of……

A couple of years ago, we took a ride along Seneca Lake. I had heard about the white deer herd that lives at the now defunct Seneca Army Depot. As we drove past the fences, we spotted white deer.  These are not albino deer, but actual whitetail deer that are white in color.  They are amazing to see. I had been wanting to revisit the area for quite some time, so off we headed….

It was a beautiful drive and very relaxing. We stopped at McDonald’s for our Easter dinner….that chipolte wrap was certainly tasty!

I must apologize for the poor quality of these photos, but it was extremely hard to get up close enough to see these deer! They intermingle with typical (brown-colored) whitetail deer, but freak out when they see a human!


I had to press hard against a chain-link fence to capture these photos. I only wish I had a longer lens or that the fence hadn’t been there!


You can see in the photo below, it is easy to spot one of the “whites” as they really stand out against the stark winter colors!



As I said previously, the deer show no favoritism regarding their own “kind”. I only wish the roles would have been reversed here…That white deer absolutely resolved not to show its face to the camera!


You have no idea how disappointed I was that the last photo was so out of focus. If I could have had just one photo turn out well, this would have been the one. Ah well. I just gives me something to aspire to in the future!


As we drove along the highway, looking for white deer, we did spot many whitetail deer of the brown variety, as well as wild turkeys.  We drove past cornfields (last year’s crop) with thousands of Canada Geese grazing for some kernels of corn.

If nothing else, it was so incredible to spot these deer. They are really unique and so beautiful!

Tomorrow, I shall post a little about a park we explored a bit, not too far from the depot…