Returning to Normal?

Today was one of those days that feels as though one is paddling as fast as is possible and going nowhere! I had all sorts of ideas…I planned to go out and take pictures, but, alas, t’was not to be.

I did make it to the recycling center! And, when I got out of bed today, I was surprised to find I had no stuffiness, no coughing, no signs of a cold! Well, this has to be a record, as I cannot recall ever having a cold that lasted all of about 48 hours. I certainly am not complaining…it is just kind of uncanny!

Ben had spent several hours in our (nightmarish) basement this past week. What took my breath away in assessment, Ben was able to tackle, sort, and even arrange. I must admit that when the Good Lord gave out organizational skills, I must have been asleep or absent. When I am confronted by dissimilar articles, I feel like running in the opposite direction….I am unsure if organization or paperwork is worse! By the time Ben had completed the cleaning, it was apparent we needed to visit the recycling center. What a great feeling it is to go to the basement and see everything neatly tucked away in its home….

The day somehow slipped away from me in the midst of cooking, baking, and doing dishes. As I saw the sun lowering into the western sky,  its last light was so warm and golden-colored. I decided to go outside and take at least a couple of photos!

Our temperatures here are rising to just above freezing. Much of the snow has melted, as the sun shining on it, along with the above freezing temperature, makes it slowly disappear.

Yesterday, when I took photos of our tiny stream, I approached it from the other side. When I discovered these beautiful ice formations on tree roots, I was so pleased to see and capture them before they melt away!


Any of my readers who has been here awhile can remember the horrific ice we received last month. I had photographed a holly plant in front of the house, and it was totally encapsulated by an icy shroud of ice.  I am glad to say that most of that ice has melted away.


It still does appear quite chilly, doesn’t it?

We are unsure what we will be doing tomorrow. Mark said today was the first day he has felt like he actually has some energy!  I had prepared stuffed chicken breasts, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, and garlic mashed potatoes for dinner. Mark had small portions of each and now we will see if his digestive system has returned to the point that it can handle a larger variety of foods. I think it Mark needs to spend one more day eating bananas, rice, applesauce, or dry toast, he might scream!