Ode to Springtime?

Does anyone else besides me remember poems and verse commemorating the wonderful childhood activity of kite-flying on a windy March day? When I think back to those verses, I can close my eyes and see people on a hillside…the sun shining down and a kite swirling and gliding about in a sky of blue.

On this present March afternoon, I can only imagine a parent distressed and annoyed by their offspring sending the offender off with a kite, as the wayward child might not be found for a few days…and then, only in the next county!  Yes, it really is that windy.

This morning,  everyone was up and about early as our cable provider was sending out a serviceman because several of our channels just weren’t showing up.

The man who came has been here before and he worked for several minutes and was able to correct the problem.  Then he decided that he would do some work at the pole.  Egads!

Having been here in the summer or fall of last year, he had seen the massive nest a paper wasp community had built on one of the lines. As a matter of fact, the wasps attached their nest snugly to one of the components for the cable line! So, being a good guy, he decided he would knock the nest down now as the wasps were no longer “home”.

Ummm…..this line is a good 30 feet in the air. Add to that the “wind factor” which means that our road is more like a wind tunnel than anything! When winds kick up, it is always so much worse down by our road!


This guy went above and beyond the call of duty. He worked for several minutes at the wasp nest until it finally fell to the ground! And when he was done, the shiny connector was once again visible!


 Well, yeah, it did still have some “residue” on it, but wow…it is so nice not to see that huge appendage hangng off the lines! And the nest?


Well, as much as those wasps drove me batty, I must admit that their nest was truly quite a work of art…The service guy redid some wires on the line and all of the missing channels suddenly showed up! I had always wondered if that wasp nest would somehow deter service or just disrupt it in some way.

As I wandered about outside, I couldn’t help but shiver in the cold winds surrounding me that felt like they were penetrating my very bones! It seemed rather astonishing (well, understandably to me, of course) that being outside would make me feel better! All of that oxygen in the air must have been just the ticket! I looked down at my shadow and smiled….you don’t appear to be sick….


And as all things, good and bad, must come to an end, I ambled back to the house and inside once again.

But, you didn’t hink I would have gone straightaway to the house, did you? Of course I had to take just a couple of photos!



The little stream in the front seems not bothered in the least by the weather or anything else.  It continues to bubble and gurgle happily on its way, oblivious to any adverse conditions that might trouble the human soul!

Solemnity in the Midst of Insanity

I have found myself quite drawn to the writings of Chris over in Scotland.  Her masterful use of language and wordsmithing leaves me feeling rather inadequate in my own expression….

Chris’s offerings for yesterday and today have left me feeling so keenly aware of the need of a Saviour, and also made me so much more introspective on my thoughts regarding the work of the cross.

If you get a minute to hop over to her blog, it is certainly a worthwhile read for those who will be celebrating the Risen Lord this Resurrection Sunday.