Welcome Spring 2008!


No, you needn’t adjust your monitor, nor are your eyes *fuzzy*…it really is snowing!

Last night, Michelle had her Bible study. I took her and by the time we got home, I was shivering and shaking up a storm! I crawled into bed and fell asleep. It was not a restful sleep, as I awakened several times during the night way overheated.  I am not sure what my temperature was, but it was certainly elevated.  My biggest fear was that I was catching the horrible flu Mark had.

This morning, I got up before 6. I woke Michelle up to get kindling and wood to build a fire, as the fire was out by the time we got home last night, and I was in no condition to get one going. 

I crawled out of bed and went downstairs. Amazing asit is, I felt pretty good! Seems I have gotten only a cold. I hate colds, but considering the fury of the flu, I will take the cold instead!

The kids had a dental cleaning this afternoon, and I got my new crown on the tooth that had the root canal. It feels so good to have that tooth finally taken care of, as I think it broke last September! I was so glad I felt good enough not to cancel the appointment, as it takes forever to get another made.

The weather is cold, windy, and just terribly dreary! Something tells me everyone is going to be quite happy when spring finally DOES arrive!