I’m Not Proud

Since I consider that integrity is a vital part of my life, I decided to grant Terri a look at my disastrous St. Patty’s Day cake!


Yes, it was a three layer cake and was supposed to be a checkerboard pattern. I have come to the conclusion that this poor cake suffered from a bad mix ( a very tasty recipe, actually) of icing.  As soon as Michelle iced the cake, it began to slide AND crack open at once! ‘Tis good we have a good sense of humor here or else!

The backside of the St. Patty’s disaster….


Oh, and just for the record…this cake is delicious despite its appearance.

And now for another St. Patty’s disaster of an entirely different kind…

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Scotties. And, every now and then, we like to do silly things with the Scotties! Soooo…we do funny things like putting green “boppers” on their heads to celebrate the green holiday.

This morning, Ben called to me from downstairs, a sense of urgency in his voice. I went downstairs to see this on the living room carpet.


Please notice the missing piece to this puzzle…..


Can you honesty say that dogs are “dumb”?  Poor little Murphy is making a statement loud and clear….he is Scottish, NOT Irish. Poor little fellow has had a complex ever since the day that Ben insisted we call the little lad Murphy!