Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I think!

I had gone to bed last night, thinking about the order of business this morning. I had several tasks to accomplish for out family’s little celebration today.

That all came to a halt at about midnight.  I was awakened by Mark and he was feeling very badly….I stayed up with him until he was finally feeling a little better.  He had eaten a piece of pizza and that was a bad choice….we found out too late!

After Mark settled in for the rest of the night, I baked a cake and did some laundry, making sure he was going to be okay before going back to sleep. I finally padded off to bed at 4:30 and was awake again at 7.

I fed the Scotties and then took them outside. Murphy was on the trail of something, and feeling a bit irritable, I pulled back on his Flexi-leash. This is a leash made in Germany and is basically a plastic handle with a spring inside which allows the lead to go in and out.  The Scotties have about 16′ of leash when fully extended….well, I jerked on the leash and brought the plastic housing right up to my face, slamming the thing right into my mouth! I still have no idea how it happened, only that I was so tired, I felt as though I couldn’t see straight! (a few hours later, the kids told me about the bruise under my lip…I looked, and sure enough, I have a small bruise there!)

I went back into the house and made icing for my cake. Michelle iced the cake and the crazy thing slid apart in the refrigerator! At this point, I began to think the entire day was lost…

I called the doctor’s office and we were told Mark mustn’t eat anything with milk or anything with fiber until his stomach no longer felt that “churning” feeling.  The doctor advised the “BRAT” diet….bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. There went the plans for the corned beef and cabbage. At this point, that seemed a blessing, as I envisioned some other travesty….

The kids had their Reuben sandwiches, and those were a real hit. Mark drooled as he sat with his bowl of plain white rice and a banana!

This afternoon, I had to make a run to buy some supplies for the business. Although I felt nearly depleted of all energy, I knew that the fresh air would be so refreshing! This trip took me to the small town of Victor. I grabbed my camera, as there was a certain tribute there that I had tried to previously capture, but felt my photos were horrendous.

This small marker sits right at the busy four corners of Victor. It commemorates the life of Athasata, a Mohawk Indian chief,  who converted to Christianity, and helped explorers who passed through the area in 1687….he supposedly helped the De Nonville Expedition, fighting against other Indians who opposed them.


The weather has really taken a toll on this monument, as the nose and chin are a bit crumbly. I’m not certain what the statue’s composition is, but it does need some restoration! I didn’t really pay attention when I took the second photo, but behind the statue is an old building that is unique to this particuar region. (so I am told)


There are many houses built with this material….it looks as though they are formed from rows of small stones bonded together with concrete.

As I walked back to the Explorer, I passed by McGhan’s Pub. As is traditional, the place was abuzz with St. Patrick’s Day festivities.Although it was only about 3 pm, the place was hopping and they had up their expansive tent that is probably about the length of a city block!



We weren’t able to celebrate as planned, but the kids and I have since giggled about the silly cake that is quite lopsided!  Michelle said being St. Patrick’s Day, the poor cake took in a bit too much at the pub….

Bellies filled and the day coming to a close, it ended up being a fine day despite the awful beginning. The sun shone and the skies were blue….a somewhat better-than-usual St Patrick’s Day!