A Quick Stop at the Fly-Thru?

Yup, there is nothing so tasty as a quick stop at the drive thru, or is that fly-thru? This is just a very small corner of the cornfield that made so much noise, I wonder how the farmer and his family can tolerate it!


Just some food for thought….ever wonder just *how* those geese know where to stop for a little sustenance? 

Top o’ the Mornin’ to You!

Yes, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t until tomorrow, but I am ready!

Last night, after watching the Buffalo Sabres cream the Toronto Maple Leafs (in Toronto, no less!), Mark commented that today he must get out of the house. He has been inside since getting sick the other night, and I do believe he is experiencing “cabin fever”.

I had to go out for a while last evening, and Michelle went with me. As we parked at a plaza located about half a mile from the lake, we watched as line after line of Canada Geese flew towards the lake. For some time, the sky looked as though it was nearly black with flocks.  Fortunately, the Explorer was spared from a green “bath” last night!

When we got home, I dug around in my St. Patrick’s decorations to see what I could find. I honestly don’t know many people at all who celebrate like I do…and I really don’t know why I celebrate as I do. Perhaps it is because of my great grandmother’s heritage. Perhaps it is because by the time March 17th rolls around, we have had enough of winter’s dismal palette, and the greens of  St. Patrick’s Day bring a hope of the brighter days ahead…..More likely than anything,  I love a cause to celebrate! I love getting out special decorations and look forward to seeing the kids get excited, too. After decorating last night, Ben came into the room and remarked how awesome the table looks!


I made that green and white table-topper several years ago….it is merely a 45″ square of  St. Patrick’s fabric hemmed and placed on top of a white tablecloth.  I scored a real find when I wandered into TJ Maxx and they had the placemats reduced (already!) half price to $4.00! They are pretty, with shamrocks embroidered on them. Great value for a dollar apiece! My “fancy” paper plates and napkins are from the Dollar Tree.

And speaking of the Dollar Tree, WOW! Another find! Somehow, I seem to be becoming closer and closer to a chocoholic! There were exactly two Cadbury Irish Creme candy bars left in the store. Well, that was beforeI entered the store. I have always liked Cadbury chocolate, as it is creamy, but this bar……oh my!


A couple of years ago, one of my Scottish friends living in Washington state advised me to try making a corned beef “round” as opposed to a “brisket” when I complained about the greasiness of corned beef and cabbage. I tried the round and was really impressed. I don’t care for greasy meat! This year, I bought two rounds. I made one up last night and sliced it thinly for Reubens. And, I made up a big loaf of hale and hardy rye bread for the Ruebens….


Of course, we mustn’t forget the pretty Shamrock lights strung above the table on the window!


Well, now that you, dear readers, have had a look at my indoor activities,  how about a look outside the window?

Yes, I have formed my own outdoor aviary! As I looked out the window, my heart sang out right along with the sweet voices of my finch choir!


The most astonishing thing about my aviary is that even as I raised the window to take this photo, not one of my little charges moved from its branch….they are so accustomed to my presence, they rarely startle any longer!