Now That the Ice is Leaving…

Wouldn’t you know there would be some vile trouble to take its place?

Yesterday morning, I was awakened to the sound of moaning and groaning at 4 am. While enjoying arising early in the morning, with our time change last Saturday, this would be more like 3 am! I am still adjusting to this change, and to be awakened to a sick husband was quite disturbing.

Mark is feeling better now, but is still experiencing “roller coaster ” stomach. 

This weekend was supposed to be a couple of fun-filled days.  We were planning to leave early today to head to my parents’ home.  We would visit, then have dinner with them and leave for Erie, Pennsylvania, where the kids would attend another “almost over-nighter” at Splash Lagoon. I look forward to these times because it is an excuse just to get out and let the kids have some fun.  They are taking it well, so we must just make adjustments to our weekend.

Since we would be staying home, I really needed to get to the grocery store to replenish our nearly depleted cupboards and refrigerator. I went out late this morning and decided to stop and grab a taco salad for lunch from Wendy’s.  What better place to enjoy my lunch than on the city pier? I pulled in and parked the car. As I was eating, I watched as thousands and thousands of geese came towards the lake.  I have never seen so many geese in the air at one time. Although I had my cell phone with me, it would have been hard to grab it out in time to take a picture since my salad was propped on my lap.  So, I just watched in awe…

Suddenly, it began to rain….but wait, it wasn’t RAIN! One of the flocks strayed a bit to the east and flew directly over the car.  The aftermath was quite incredible.  I did take a photo of the windshield, but the kids told me that was too disgusting.  After I finished my lunch, I drove to the gas station and used the squegee there to remove the “debris”. The entire Explorer had been “decorated” and I had to rinse nearly every surface of it.

The weather has finally broken to the point that the temperature is above freezing and everyone and their mother was out shopping today. I was able to look around a little at TJ Maxx as well, and found some pretty St Patty’s day placemats on sale. I also bought a bouquet of white carnations and three green carnations at Wegman’s.  I have decided I really enjoy a Reuben sandwich for St Patty’s Day better than corned beef and cabbage, so I will make the meal for Mark and for the kids and me, I plan to make up a loaf of rye bread for Reubens.

I feel so disappointed about not being able to get out this weekend, but I guess ” ’ems the breaks”!