At the risk of having various kitchen appliances thrown at me, I must once again sing the praises of that wonderful Kitchen Aid food processor!

My old white Kitchen Aid mixer is sitting in the corner now, feeling quite abandoned and abused, but the processor is so much faster and easier to clean. I read reviews about the processor being a pain as there are several parts to clean, but to me, throwing them into warm soapy water to soak for a few minutes, then using a bottle brush to whisk away any food left behind is far easier to clean than the spring on the mixer that often collects any food splashed up on it. The junk on that often goes undetected until one does a close inspection. By then, it is hard and majorly gross!

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies last week that razzle-be-dazzled everyone in the family.  I picked up a bag of  Hershey’s milk chocolate chips instead of the regular semi-sweet chips. As I was about to make the cookies, I discovered I had no brown sugar, so subbed raw sugar instead. When I mixed the batch up, I was a little concerned by the appearance of the dough…..it took on an almost “plastic” look. I placed the dough into the refrigerator and baked the cookies later in the day.

Michelle was so impressed with my baking, she bought *more* chips!

This morning,  I made up another batch of dough as everyone slept. What I discovered about the dough is that it is a thoroughly homogeneous blend…..there are virtually no lump, bumps…all of the ingredients are totally combined.  I have never had dough so consistent when using a mixer…not even the Kitchen Aid.



Please help yourself to a virtual cookie. If you were here, I would certainly serve you some with a glass of cold milk….Michelle has already eaten four of them!