A Quiet Day

After the recent bout of bad weather, a calm day was much appreciated. We all pretty much just went about business as usual.

This afternoon, I remembered that Angus needed his nails tended to. I had let them slide a bit and they grew so long, they were ticking on the floor as he walked about. I have gotten fairly good at nail trimming, but as I honed in to trim a back paw nail, Angus pulled one of his kick-boxing maneuvers that resulted in me cutting the nail a little too deeply.

As the blood began flowing, I pulled out a small container of styptic powder I keep handy. Although Angus isn’t a “bleeder” as far as Von Willebrand’s, he does have an issue clotting, or so it seems to me. I have rarely ticked the quick on either Scottie, but Angus always takes a long time to stop bleeding.

After calming Angus down a little, I placed him on the desk (a very roomy rolltop) to sit quietly to await the bleeding to halt. I waited for several minutes, but he thrust the foot forward and it began spouting off once again. Michelle carried him downstairs and I placed his leash on and we went outside. I figured when all else failed, the icy cold snow would certainly cause things to constrict in his toe and stop the bleeding.

As soon as we were outside, I could read in his quick steps that Angus was thrilled to be outside….particularly without his troublesome brother, Murphy! He romped about in the snow with gleeful abandon. His toe was no concern as he sniffed and burrowed about in the snow. Within just a short period of time, there were no longer little red spots where his toe touched down.


We stayed outside for probably about half an hour, Angus thoroughly enjoying every moment of this special time!

Other than Angus’s little incident, the day was smooth and rather boring!