Good Riddance!

Late this morning when I ventured outside to shovel a path along the front of the garage, I came to an abrupt conclusion that perhaps I had made a terrible error!  Last night, we  received high winds that seemed only to burnish all the ice that had formed on top of the snow.  As I dug down, or rather, chopped,  it was nearly impossible to lift the shovel.  Under the ice encrusted snow was yet another layer of ice.  I was nearly in tears…

Enter Mark. We helped clear a narrow path wide enough for him to enter the garage. He climbed onto his ATV and told us to “stand clear!”  Michelle and I watched in amazed relief as the ice and snow swept right along on the snow blade of the ATV.  At the bottom of all of the messy precipitation we have received was a very juicy mix of slushy snow. As Mark made passes through the formidable foe, it rolled up in a ball and  sloughed off the blade.

I still needed to shovel around the two vehicles and try to de-ice them as well.  As I worked, I watched our driveway transform from and icy mess to mud!  Mark worked for about an hour and a half, pushing the precipitous mess off to the sides of the driveway to expose the dirt and stone.  As I watched, I really was glad we waited this storm out before plowing.

The sun is shining brightly, the skies are a deep blue, and the ice is dripping from all the surfaces it encrusted.  Just to add a bit of humor to all of this, our temperatures are supposed to rise well above freezing the next few days.  Ah yes, life is getting better!

I remember when Mark bought the first ATV. I was upstairs with newborn Michelle. It was in the fall, and Mark was trying to convince me just how great an ATV would be here in the Bristolwood. Knowing his love for motorcycles and such, I figured it was just another toy. Boy was I wrong!  Mark bought that ATV in 1992 and I believe it was already five or six years old then. We sold it about three or four years ago to a fellow in Rhode Island who wanted it to plow their lesser snowfall.  Mark bought a new model and got a plow for it right away.  Not only has that ATV moved mountains of snow, but it also brings all of our firewood to the house for us. Who ever would have known that something so fun could also be such a workhorse?

I am truly hoping and praying that we have seen the last of ice for this year.  I don’t know if my (cheery) self can take any more! For now, it is so long, farewell!