Life in the Crystalwood

This morning began cold and icy once again. Every now and then, the sun would peek out from behind the otherwise dismally grey skies, causing the entire woods to look electrified….amazing the amount of “sparkle” from ice on trees!

Mark had made an early morning appointment with the cable company. We were to expect the service man to arrive between the hours of 8 and 10.  While awaiting his arrival, I decided to see if there was anything I could photograph.  No sooner than I went outside, the fellow arrived. He was late and actually arrived closer to 11 o’clock. 

As the cable company van pulled up in our driveway, I looked on in shock. The van was literally sliding sideways up the driveway. I knew there was nothing I could do other than watch and pray that the van wouldn’t bump into a tree!  I watched as the van slowly, almost painstakingly so, crept backwards  down the slope. It was only after the fellow was safe in our house that he told us he had his foot on the brake the entire time that van was backing down the driveway! 

The service man did the services Mark requested, and was once again on his way.  As he was leaving, the sun began to shine more consistantly and the sound of what seemed like rain filled the woods. It wasn’t really raining…..instead, the sun was causing the ice on everything to melt….all at once!

I immediately went outside and began picking away at the ice on the sidewalk. As I worked, great sheets of ice work break off and I could shovel them to the side.  In the fight of man against nature, we pretty much know who wins in the grand scheme of things,  and I was feeling simply overwhelmed by this onslaught of miserable weather.  Ice is just that way….short of salting everything,  there is no reckoning with it.

As I worked, it became evident that the temperature was going to rise to above freezing. I watched as things began changing on the vehicles and  smiled as the drops of water became more and more steady.


The *sculpture* in my hand is actually from the front grill on the truck!


This is the icy cap that topped the finial on the back deck railing.  As I held it in my hand, I was absorbed by the beauty in my palm. It was so beautiful!  Too bad I didn’t go with what my first instinct said….fill that with ice cream and photograph it!

By about 3 pm, the majority of ice was gone from the trees and driveway. Once again, things were beginning to look much more “spring-like”.  As I checked my cell phone early this afternoon for weather, I was less than cheerful to read the bright red banner across the top of the page….another powerful storm is headed our way, and on Saturday, it will feature snow with freezing rain. Oh joy!