Blue Is…

My very favorite color….

The color of my eyes…

The color of the skies….AND…



Yes, I am (shamelessly) showing the remains of Blueberry Crisp I made earlier today. Michelle came into the kitchen moaning that she was hungry at about 1, and there was no “fast food” available. What was a girl to do?

Every now and then, I get into the mood to hyper-cook. This afternoon, Michelle’s request launched me into said mode!  I made roasted red potatoes, Teriyaki Chicken Breasts with a topping of bacon (turkey, of course!) and cheddar cheese, and Creamed Spinach. I also made up a nice salad with lots of goodies.  As I looked into the freezer, I saw the bag of blueberries and became hungry for them!

I had used half of the bag of berries last Friday night when the kids gathered here. I made up a big batch of Blueberry Crisp that night. One of the boys absolutlely demolished that batch single-handedly! He kept coming into the kitchen to check if any more might be left! It was so tasty, and when I saw the bag, I suddenly longed for some crisp!

After the crisp cooled down,  the kids looked at me really funny when I wondered aloud whether my handy dandy food processor could whip up a batch of cream for topping.  Ben laughed at me after looking at the blade on the processor. Not being one to be easily discouraged, I wagered that machine would turn out some great whipped cream.

I was correct!

When I came upstairs to upload my picture onto the laptop, I looked out the window, and the scenery was so very captivating!  The picture below does NOT do it justice, but the sun shone brightly through the ice on the trees, creating a fascinating crystal appearance. I guess the Lord is just humoring me after that last entry about growing weary of ice….