‘Tis Irish I Am

While I was out running errands yesterday, I went browsing about at WalMart. This store is not where I would typically look at baked goods, but when I saw a display with cookies for St. Patrick’s Day, I just couldn’t help myself.

As  drew in closer to the display, I saw two varieties of sugary treats….one was big, soft, cake-like sugar cookies.  Okay, so I admit it….those were what drew me (somewhat magnetically) over to the bakery. However, it was a package with small sugar cookies that caught my eye once there. You see, I am about the only one in the family that enjoys those soft giant-size cookies. (really great with a cup of tea) I really don’t want to commit myself to eating an entire package of cookies, so as I picked up the smaller ones, I just knew the family would like these!


I am not a fan of chocolate, or at least I can live without it…particularly of the dark variety. However, these cookies are so delightful, I just had to make a cup of my favorite French Vanilla tea to go along with a couple of these!

I ended up leaving the store with several grocery items, the cookies, and even a cheap tee shirt proclaiming “Kiss Me….I’m Irish”.

There is no way that marketing has any influence on my shopping. Yup, absolutely no way…….