It Must Be Monday

When I heard the weather forecast for today, I planned to sneak out of the house for a time to take some pictures. As it worked out, the weather was far better than was predicted, but I wound up running errands instead of taking photos.


While the truck was taken in to have the computer on the dash reprogrammed,  I went for a walk outside. There was no way I wanted to sit in the showroom on such a beautiful day! The temperature soared to heights one might expect late in spring or early summer.  It was am amazing day!

I ran a few more errands after the garage and as I bustled about, I found myself removing my lightweight jacket and wearing only a summer-ish cotton shirt.

One of my stops was at Radio Shack.  I hopped out of the truck, and as  I started for the store, my eyes lighted on the most unusual little vehicle!


I looked inside this little car called “Smart” on the backside. I looked online and there was indeed a car by that name!  I love the color of this little vehicle not much bigger than a Matchbox car!

So…although I was not able to get photos of what I had hoped, I found something quite interesting….wonder just how much of my photo equipment might fit in this two-seater?

Doesn’t The Squirrel Know…

there are terrorists terriers inside?


Bill, in Scotland, posted such a cute/funny photo of a grey squirrel yesterday.  As we stepped out yesterday to enjoy the warm and fine weather, I saw these little squirrel footprints right next to the sidewalk to the front porch.

The day before, Mark was startled as he saw something moving about on the porch.  Since we had to call Animal Control to dispose of a very suspicious raccoon on our porch about this same time last year, Mark gets annoyed at animals on the porch. When I looked out, however, it was only a squirrel walking around the porch, trying to figure out whether he could make the jump from the front railing to the birdfeeder on the west side of the house.

Fortunately for us, neither Angus nor Murphy were aware of the critter on the porch! Had they seen the squirrel, a bark-fest and high anxiety would have surely ensued!!!!