Contrasts in Weather!

 I posted the previous two entries early this morning before popping into the hot tub.  I was a bit reluctant to change into my swimsuit, as it was so awful weather-wise last night. Today’s weather report called for clouds this morning, turning to some sun in the afternoon.  Who ever believes those reports anyway?

I sat in the tub, which has a run cycle of about 20 minutes.  I leaned back and closed my eyes, taking in the warmth of the turbulent water swishing all around me.  It felt so very nice to be relaxing, as everyone else in the house was still asleep.

As I was indulging in this soak, I suddenly became aware of feeling extremely hot! As I opened my eyes, I saw a patch of blue sky above my head with the sun beaming down with such intensity, it was actually making me feel overheated!  I switched places and moved to where the sun would be behind me. As I looked northward, towards the woods, I could see a sliver of sunshine far up the hill.  Almost as though scrolling down a computer screen, the sun edged its way down the hill towards me. I watched as it slowly approached me, and then felt the warming rays atop my brow. As I reached up to swipe away a wisp of hair, I could feel that the water drops on the back side of my head from the water had frozen!  Such a day of contrasts!

I looked around me and spotted icicles hanging from the railing and grill on the back deck. I purposed that as soon as I was out of the tub, I would photograph them!



I used the squeegee on the back deck to move any loose snow and ice from the deck. When I was done, I went out front to shovel the driveway up by the truck and Explorer.  As I set my foot off the porch, I decided to take a (shameful) photo of the Christmas wreath still hanging on the front of the garage…..


Doesn’t it look pretty decked out in that snow? Yes, I know it is March and Christmas is but a memory, but I am hard-pressed to take that wreath down. It adds a great deal of character and color to the face of the garage.

As I took some boys down to meet their ride home on Friday night, I told them I just cannot find it in my heart to take that wreath down! One fellow smiled and confided he also enjoys Christmas lights…..

Travel At Your Own Risk!

Our Friday evening get-together for the kids was a good success. The kids loved the Beef Stroganoff, as well as the Shepherd’s pie, and I think we all had a good time together.  One of the boys brought along his new Canon D-SLR and we talked about photography and took some photos.  Another brought along Guitar Hero which occupied not only a good segment of their time, but Mark’s as well!

Yesterday was kind of a wind down after all the activity of the evening before. Everyone just rested and took it easy, as last night was another teen skate and the kids wanted to be fresh for it.

As we all entered the truck, there was quite a goodly amount of snow falling.  We hadn’t really checked the weather, thinking this was just a “squall” that would ease up. The further south we headed (and the lower the elevation), the more the snow let up.

We dropped the kids off at a little before 7, and then we drove on down to Arby’s for a bite to eat.  There are several stores in a little “strip” located there, so we usually just park in one of the parking lots and wait for the kids if we don’t have anything else to do.  Mark pulled into McDonald’s for a cheeseburger, no salt, no condiments, and no bun. Of course, the Scotties instantly knew this was their reward and Murphy nearly attacked the bowl as I cut his burger into small pieces!

We ate. The Scotties ate. Then we settled in to relax a little. We brought along a computer, and Mark dug around for information, as I really would like the ability to post not only text, but photos as well, from my cell phone.  The editor on the phone is missing several features that the computer has, so Mark thinks I need a plug-in for a fix.  As you might have noticed, my blog is now sporting the default theme from WordPress.  I know how to change it back, but am thinking it will do for now, as I am tired of that tree at the top of my blog! I really wanted something I could change around myself, but I lack the ability to figure these things out. Mark knows how to do things, but I try not to bother him with my blog.

Mark and I commented to one another about the horizontal snowfall and how cold it was as the wind blew about the truck, raising up snow and blowing it around like a blizzard.

The kids called us on the cell at about 9:30, wanting to know if they could go to McDonald’s after the skate for a snack. Mark rolled his eyes, and I told them they could for half an hour. Of course, I had to go into the store to extract them after half an hour!

We began our drive back home and Mark decided to take the back roads home. As we drove, we became acutely aware that the theme for the night was “travel at your own risk”!  To say the roads were snow-covered was an understatement!

The back road travels through some high elevations, as as we headed higher and higher, not only did the snow increase on the road, but also the drifts were deeper across the road! Mark is a pretty confident driver, but the snow in the headlights were nearly hypnotizing as he progressed.

When we finally entered our own county about 10 miles or so from our house, the road had been not only plowed well, but also had a hefty coating of salt and sand on it.  We just knew that our own road would be a mess and it was. I don’t think it had been plowed in hours and there was probably about 4 inches of snow covering it.  Thank heavens for 4 wheel drive vehicles! We bounded right on up the road and safely into the driveway.

Although we have driven in much worse conditions before, we were dumbfounded… on earth could roads be left in such disrepair on a weekend night? Travel at your own risk, indeed!

Adventurer or King?

Angus is such a good and dear little Scottie….he sat silently next to the front door as I was rushing about, picking things up.  As I inquired as to whether he might like to go outside, he jumped up at the opportunity, certainly giving me a “heads up”!

We got snow on Friday…..several inches. It is so beautiful to (finally) see a nice blanket covering the woods. I took Angus out and he was just so thrilled to romp about in the wonderful white stuff.  After he finished with his business,  I went back to the house and asked Michelle to get my camera so I could get some “Scottie-in-the-snow” pictures. Needless to say, Angus obliged quite nicely!


Ah, there is naught like a good breeze blowing through one’s beard, brows, and kilt!


I do believe there is summat down there…..


A good romp and frolic……


Do not worry, Mum….I’ll get that scoundrel out there!


The legs might be short, but they are 4 wheel-drive, all the way!


Ev’ry now and then, a laddie must come up for air!


Yes, I was *made* for snow……


Just one more good roll on the back deck before I……


survey my kingdom one last time before retiring. After all…….I am King Angus of Bristolwood!