Coming to Life!

As the thermometer kept rising today, I couldn’t help but grab the Nikon and head outside. Surely there must be something to photograph!

As I walked around the front yard, I was surprised to see I wasn’t the only one walking there….


Yes, a Bumblebee! I was so interested, I did some poking about on the internet regarding where bees go in the winter months. In reading, I came to the conclusion that this is likely a queen who spent the winter under piles of leaves. She is now coming out as the weather warms up.

This time of the year, it is simply mind-boggling how quickly we can receive several inches of snow…and, how quickly it can all disappear! Such is the case of the 8 or 9 inches we got last Friday. And, to my surprise, the daffodils that had begun to grow last week are now two or three inches tall! The snow must have provided a insulating blanket that helped them to advance quite substantially for being buried alive!


The biggest surprise, though, were these tulips. Last week, I had looked for any signs of life in the garden between the house and garage. There was nothing at all….However, today is a different story!


And a definite sign of spring? A hoodie, shorts, and boots for the mud!


Over the River and Through the Woods

Yesterday morning, we got up and prepared ourselves for a journey to visit with my parents and brother, Randy. We left a bit later than planned, but had a fun day visiting and relaxing!

Mom had some really pretty tulips sitting on the dining room table when we arrived.  I took this picture, thinking it was kind of a waste, but as I looked at it, it really grew on me!


Last Sunday, being Easter, many people at the church my parents attend donated flowers in memory of loved ones who have passed away recently. My mother lost her brother a few weeks ago, so she got these beautiful yellow tulips. They sat on the table just “glowing”  in their simple elegance and beauty…..


We had such a good and fun visit, albeit far too short. (as always). One of the highlights of the visit is the little 11 pound lively Dachshund, Fritz! Trying to photograph him is a real challenge! Of course, I would *never* admit to running up and down the hall several times with Fritz following on my heels and oftimes even running right past me! (note his ears in the photo below…)


I did manage to catch the little fellow in a pensive moment with a reather nice portrait!


We arrived back home at about 1 am. Needless to say, we all headed to bed immediately! I wish we weren’t so far removed from my family, but it sure makes for a fun visit spending the day with them!

It’s Better than Ice!

The forecast last night seemed rather “sketchy” at best.  To our north, we were told there would be little accumulation from the impending storm.  To our south, there could be some sizable accumulation.  We, however, were in-between.

Mark and I were glued to the television lat night, as the Sabres fought with all within them to beat the Ottawa Senators; the kids went out and soaked in the hot tub. I got up to peek in on them, and it had begun to snow.  The snow was very wet, seeming like it was closer to “rain” than “snow”!

Angus awakened me at 4:30, making all kinds of noise.  I turned on the light on the back deck, and was surprised NOT to hear strains of Walking Through a Winter Wonderland!




Mark called out to me to tell me that the electricity went out for a little bit at 3:30.  I am not surprised, as this snow is really very heavy!  Even as I am writing, the lights seem to be growing dimmer…

 I have an appointment with the eye doctor later this morning, so I guess I had better begin digging out!  Oh, and by the way? Notice in the “big drill” photo that our snow was all gone! (smile)

Spring Fever

Late yesterday afternoon, I drove to Canandaigua to mail a box and some letters that were somewhat urgent. I had a small item to return to WalMart, and then the kids wanted me to stop and get them some dinner.

I wasn’t in Canandaigua very long, but I did stop by the lake to see if there were any good photo ops there.  The lake was looking pretty boring as the wind was kicking in quite well and there was a small flock of ducks bobbing up and down in the swells.

 I have been getting an incredibly itchy trigger finger lately as it seems so hard to find a good subject to photograph in these wintery months.  As I began the drive home, I found myself complaining aloud how nice it would be if I could just spot something different!

I drove up away from the city, and within a couple of miles, I spotted one pair of geese in a field.  I pulled off to the side of the road and opened the passenger window.


Notice how the goose on rthe right has a crook in its neck? Judging from their behavior, I surmised that goose *must* be the male…perhaps he was trying to court the other and I was interrupting. Anyway, that goose began honking so loudly, the other turned its back to me as though wordlessly stating Go away!  Which I did!

I drove a little further and saw a small flock of wild turkeys enjoying a cornfield, but they were too far in the distance to get a good photo. It was at this point that I realized all the animal kingdom must have spring fever!

I was driving just a short distance from home when I saw a fox in a field. Of course, when I circled around and came back in the Explorer, the fox figured I was after it, and gave chase……


stopping short of the crest of the hill to look back at me! These photos are not great….I didn’t get out to take them as I thought the fox would have just run even faster!


I haven’t seen so many birds and animals moving about since last fall. I do think humans must not be the only ones suffering from spring fever!


This afternoon, once far away from Mark and the kids,  I called Carly to tell her about the strange experience I had this morning. I just had to tell someone, and since Carly knows me best, I figured she would get a kick out of my misfortune….

Carly answered her cell phone and sounded quite uncomfortable. Upon inquiring what happened, she explained to me that she and her kids had gone to a cemetery to take some pictures.  As she walked along,  she stepped on what she thought was snow, but was really ice….lost her footing and landed somewhat on one side, on her back. As she talked, she said she was glad she didn’t land on her head! The visual this created in my mind mortified me! Could you imagine if she had knocked herself out and the kids had to dial 911 and explain? in a cemetery?

Carly’s encounter made mine dim greatly and I had no reluctance in telling her what had happened….I  got out of the tub this morning, wrapped in a towel, and put my contacts in.  After about an hour, when I was trying to read, it became evident to me that my left lens was missing.  I searched all over where I had been. I looked on the floor, the table, even the towel I had around me. No contact.

Early in the afternoon, I could no longer stand the “lopsided” feeling of wearing one contact.  I went upstairs and took the lens out. As I rubbed it to clean it, it suddenly doubled itself!

Yessirree….I have no idea exactly how I managed, but I had been wearing TWO contacts, piggy-backed, in one eye! As the lenses soaked, they came apart and I was able to distinguish the left from right lens.

I think one lens had flipped and conformed to my finger. Since my up-close vision isn’t so great,  I missed seeing it and placed the other lens on the same finger. Then, the lenses, being wet with solution, fused themselves together to become one lens! The strangest part of this entire story is that today is the day I am supposed to throw these lenses out and replace them with a fresh pair!

So….could it possibly be something in the air? After all, it isn’t every day that one falls flat on her back in a cemetery. nor places two contacts in one eye!