Oodles of Noodles!

I’m not sure if I mentioned here, or not, that the kids have begun a tradition of having a small group of “local” friends over about once every month.  They come mid-afternoon and stay until about 9 pm. The group is comprised of about 7 kids, including ours.

Last night, we were discussing the meal I would serve. The majority of the kids turn their noses up at salad, so no problem there. They also seem a bit reluctant to eat vegetables, which would cause me to be concerned….our kids eat veggies of all sorts….even brussel sprouts!

Michelle was sittting in the living room, pondering her favorite dishes, when she suddenly jumped up and said she knew exactly what I should make! She began describing a dish I used to make many years ago….”you know, Mom, the one where you made your own noodles?” Yes, I did know! She wants me to make Beef Stroganoff.  When we told Ben, he was disappointed, wanting Shepherd’s Pie instead.  So, I decided to make both today.

As soon as we settled on the stroganoff, I got out (what else?) the trusty Kitchen Aid and made two batches of  egg noodles. As I cut them, Michelle took them into the living room and hung them on towels hung on the drying rack in front of the woodstove.


This morning,  I removed the noodles from the rack and placed them into a large bowl. They had dried nicely overnight.  As I was taking them from the rack, they had become brittle, so little pieces would fall to the carpet below.  I tried to be very careful not to drop any, but every now and then a piece would fall. The Scottie boys scampered under the rack, racing to beat out the other out for the fallen tidbit.  It was so funny…..crunch, crunch, crunch…..as they chomped down the dry noodles!


On another note, I went shopping on Wednesday evening while Michelle was at her Bible study.  I have been keeping my eyes open for a new purse for months now, as the one I had was just like a large cavern inside. There were only pockets inside for a cell phone,(but not one as thick as the one I have now)  three pockets for pens, and a narrow slot that I think must be for lipstick.  Everything else that went into the purse just rattled about and every time my cell phone rang, I would have to dig out my wallet and anything else that might be in the way.

So, I found this……


Mark has given me the ultimate insult, saying it looks like a “Biker Babe’s” saddlebag for the back of a motorcycle. Try as I might to explain “bling”, he refutes me, asking where the Harley is….Every time I was wondering where something was yesterday, he suggested I look in my “bag”! Harrumph!  This purse is only slightly larger than the former one, and the two front pockets are terrific. One holds my hand cleaner and rewetting drops for the contacts, and the other holds a small contact case. Inside, there is a generous pouch for the cell, as well as several others for random little things I carry.  It is so nice not to have things rattling about!

So, what do you think? Biker Babe or Bling?

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  1. Ah, the holy of holies – a woman’s handbag (English – a purse is something different!). I always think they’re something like a Tardis – much larger inside than out.

  2. Mom, it looks like a very practical purse…er, handbag. Seeing how I rarely carry one, I am hardly a good judge.

    Bill, are you a fan of the Doctor? Who that is…I was trying to describe the Tardis to one of my kids the other day…well, futile is the only word that comes to mind…

  3. Ummm blingy biker bag? Hehe

    My girls love any uncooked noodle. Their fave is elbow macaroni! I’ve heard of trainers using it for little training treats.

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