The Eyes Have It!


I have been wearing contacts now for a few weeks, and I cannot even begin to convey how thrilling it is! I actually look forward to getting up and putting them in each morning.

The first lenses the doctor gave me weren’t that close to the prescription that I now have.  When  I went in this past Monday to get the new prescription, I was hoping we were getting closer to the solution. I put the lenses in and the doctor first asked how my reading vision was. I looked at a “reading card” and was able to read to the line marked “20/20”.  I was certainly impressed….then the doctor asked how far down I could read on a distance chart. I am not sure what the line was marked there, but he exclaimed that it is very rare that someone can put in multifocal contacts and be able to see both near and far as well as I was!

I had talked to Carly and another girl, who both wear contacts, and they told me the solutions  (cleaning fluids) they use. Even though my first and second pairs of lenses were fabulous, the transition between closeup and far away took a few seconds to adjust my eyes.  It also seemed like they were “juicy”….like there was too much liquid in my eye.

I bought one of the solutions that both Carly and the other girl recommended, and I couldn’t believe the difference. I can now see very clearly and there isn’t even an adjustment time between near and far away!

The downside to all of this is that when I went to an eye exam two years earlier,  the doctor had suggested that I try “mono-vision”. This is basically using one eye to read and the other for distance. I was very excited about it, but the doctor suggested doing this through Lasik surgery.  As I thought about that option, it just seemed less and less appealing.  There was no way I wanted to compromise the vision in one of my eyes.  After seeing the doctor,  we talked to a guy who fixed the pair of glasses I was then wearing for reading, and he told us that his mother was using mono-vision, but with a contact in one eye for reading.  I was a little displeased that the doctor never even mentioned this method to me.  I got busy with other “stuff”, then  forgot about it all together, and wore “cheaters” purchased at the drugstore.

Since our insurance only pays for eye exams every two years,  I was anxious as the time grew closer for the exam this year. I looked around on the computer, Googling every piece of information I could regarding glasses, mono-vision, and vision in general. It was so surprising when I turned up a site that explained about multifocal contacts!  I told Mark that was what I wanted and he called and made the appointment.  How terribly disappointing that I suffered through two years of anguishing  over whether mono-vision would work, or not….

The internet is such a fantastic source of information, if we use it wisely! For now, as I said above, the eyes have it!!!

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  1. I am so glad you found contacts that work well for you. Being able to see well, instead of just being able to see is amazing. I am always shocked when I get a new prescription and realize that I was only seeing, not well, before. I am also amazed at the difference one solution can make over another. When my preferred solution was recalled, I had to find something else. Fortunately, that something else is now all I use. It was briefly recalled as well, and I suffered for a couple months while waiting for them to remake and distribute it again.

  2. I just picked up my new glasses on Monday. I love them! I’m a glasses gal. I went to America’s Best and got 2 pair…. course the cheap prices on the commercials are for single vision and the cheapy frames. I have no line bi-focals special no glare coating to help with night vision and to cut down halos around lights and the thin lenses…. 440 for 2 pair, but one pair has clip on sunglasses and the other pair is just for work.

  3. Bill, that Nikon amazes me all the time…I was a little unsure about this, but just held the camera up in “auto” mode and allowed it to focus…then snapped! The reflection in my eye is of the trees outside the window.

  4. Terri, not a bad price for two pairs of glasses! You look good in them. Me, well…guess I have nothing better to do than destroy them…

  5. I don’t know if I told you before but you have very beautiful eyes, Katya! i hope you find something that suits you, glasses or contacts.

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