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Weather! It would seem in the past two or three years, our weather pattern has shifted to the point that we receive the bulk of our cold and snowy weather in February and March, rather than in November, December, and January.  This trend is a bit disconcerting for those winter-weary folks who anxiously anticipate the arrival of spring….as well as those who enjoy the white stuff and would love to jostle about in it during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks!

True to form these past years, we are now getting pummeled with a winter storm, complete with a good deal of snow. It really is beautiful (from the inside, anyway) but quite precarious for those who must travel in it.

I had a dental appointment yesterday for a crown fitting for the tooth that had the root canal.  We also had to drop off the truck once again for warranty work, so we dropped it at the Chevy garage, then traveled to the dentist.  The snow seemed harmless when we left midday, and Mark and Ben dropped Michelle and me at the dentist, then went to a nearby store.  By the time we were done, about 1 1/2 hours later, Mark said the roads were getting quite bad.

We picked the truck up again and headed home…..about 16 or 17 miles.  We left the garage shortly after 5.  As we headed into the driveway, I was so happy to be back home once again!  I pulled up the driveway, but when I swung to turn around, the Explorer just slid.  I went back down the driveway and tried to back up, but the tires were spinning like they were bald!  Mark immediately hopped on the ATV and plowed. I was able to back up onto the road, then I just pulled up the driveway and parked.  By the time we came in, it was after 7!  Needless to say, those tires will be replaced before next winter!  (I buy Nokian tires made in Finland….they are the *best* for snow!)

I cannot tell exactly how much it has snowed, but there is a good amount on the ground. Maybe roughly about 8 inches thus far.  It is currently snowing as well.  It seems somewhat strange that two or three days ago, there was no snow on the ground. I was talking to Mark about how I was getting a bit antsy to begin cutting firewood for the fall! Those plans are now buried….literally!

To top all of this off, the man who sold me the doggie cookies yesterday told me that on Monday, we are supposed to be seeing highs in the 40’s!

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  1. It’s not only the timing of the weather that’s off, it’s the weather itself. At one time I could reasonably predict how many layers I would need when I went out at a certain time – now it could be T-shirt or mega-fleece any time.

  2. It snowed pretty good here yesterday too… I’d guess at about 8 inches as well. I had my “event” this morning when my wipers were stuck to the windshield and one decided it was going to ride all the way to work hanging over on my drivers side window. I told the girl I pick up at the bus stop that seeing the road was up to her today!! lol
    Sherm arrived at the shop and had it hooked back up in no time. I shut the wipers off in the up position tonight. What happened to them last night wasn’t ice or freezing rain, but rather the snow that fell on my warm window melted and got slushy on them and then refroze…. what a horrid way to start the day when you have 5 people waiting on you for a ride. They are calling for almost 40 here on Sunday… looking forward to maybe getting out and taking some pictures.

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