Tale of Twa Scots

It all began so innocently……


Michelle, being of the female persuasion, enjoys shopping.  Every store she enters, she combs through each department,  sorting out items and looking for the best of the best buys! Being a super shopper, she keeps others in mind as she shops, knowing she can always stash little things away for special times such as birthdays and such….

As she was shopping at the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago, Michelle seems to have lost her senses!  She found the little slippers shown above…..little “cow” slippers…..and instantly thought not of precious little baby piggies (for whom they were made!), but of Murphy!


As you can see by his pose, Murphy was less than ecstatic when Michelle presented the laddie with her great little find.  If one were to ask, I would venture to say that Murphy even seemed a little “depressed” by his present!

Michelle carefully placed the little green cow slippers on Murphy’s two front paws and what followed was pure hysteria! Poor little Murphy slowly edged his way across the room, carefully lifting each slipper-clad paw and looking hopelessly toward me as though begging me through telepathy to remove the slippers!

I have never been the sort to enjoy teasing….so I lunged forward and removed the offending bovines from the little fellow’s paws. I do think he was smiling as I removed them!

The little footwear ended up downstairs in the living room yesterday….

For some unknown reason, Angus (King Angus) who never, ever plays with toys!, spotted the slippers and decided they would best be kept under his close eye.  He clutched one in his teeth and dropped it to the floor…..then flopped himself down next to it as though to guard it with his life!


The interraction between the Scots that followed left Michelle and I greatly entertained. Murphy, not to be outdone, grabbed up the second slipper and took it over to the big soft doggie pillow.  Once there, he dropped it and then went over to tease Angus, distracting him in such an obvious fashion to catch him off guard!  He even bit at Angus’s ear, trying to get the elder Scot to lose his concentration regarding the little slipper. Angus, not easily fooled, sneared at Murphy, warning him to leave instantly!

Angus finally left and Murphy brought the other slipper onto the pillow, as though “putting them away”.  What would we do without this entertainment?

My mother said that little Fritz has a whole treasure trove of toys and he refuses to share them with anyone…..not even his “people”……

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  1. Stereotyping at it’s worst! Women shop – men just buy!

    Mind you, I have to accept that as true in my case – with the exception of electrical goods, tools…… However I do have some male friends who actually enjoy general shopping.

  2. Aha! That is the plan!!!! We shop..men pay!

    Actually, Mark can be added to the list of men who enjoy shopping. His inquisitive nature causes him to enter stores just to see what is new. He is the one who taught Michelle to be a “thrifty” shopper…..Yesterday, as I slipped into a store to buy matches to light the woodstove, Michelle went in to browse a little. She asked me for some money to buy a really cute hat. As I awaited on her as she checked out, I saw the cashier slip the hat into a bin under the counter. As Michelle came up to me, she handed my money back. When I inquired, she said she “really didn’t NEED the hat.” Pretty good little shopper for a 15 yo, eh?

    Mark loves to find what he wants at the store, then look online for a better deal. The kids have discovered that instant gratification can be rather expensive! They are learning to shop online more and more as well!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to add….

    When Mark built our house, I made many trips to the stores to pick up all sorts of “oddments”. I got quite a lesson on building supplies, as well as tools!!!

  4. Oh, poor Murphy! The name may be Irish, but that poor Scottish laddie seems to be mightily distressed by his predicament! Can you console him with promises that he’ll only be made to wear the green beauties on St. Paddy’s Day, and then only if Angus hasn’t already tortured them beyond repair?

  5. To bad you didn’t capture the moment when he did have the little offending green things on his pawpaws. It’s a wonder he didn’t tear them off.

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