Fritz…Need I Say More?

Today’s weather picked up right where yesterday’s left off. It was such a bright and sunny beautiful day….And so, we traveled to meet my parents and brother to celebrate Ben’s belated birthday.

My parents had such a hard time deciding whether they wanted to get another pup or not…after their Brandy died, everyone was so sad, as he had lived a very long life and was such a good little companion.

Now that little Fritz is on the scene, it is so awesome how a tiny little fellow, weighing less than 8 /12 pounds could have such an impact on my family’s lives.  Since they got Fritz when he was a wee little pupkin,  the bond is just tremendous. He has grown into a very handsome and debonair fellow…a real charmer, with a tail that waggles faster than a metronome keeping time to Flight of the Bumblebee….




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