This is Kind of Exciting!

For several years, when Mark and I drove northward on route 64, we passed a largish garage-looking building that had pickup trucks parked there with the name “Radiantmax” on the sides. We always wondered what it was all about. As time progressed, it seemed like this business was growing larger and larger, judging from the number of vehicles parked outside the building.

Across the road from this building and slightly south, we saw new construction beginning late last fall.  Not too long ago, I read an article in a local newspaper about the new building. It seems the business that we saw growing was building! And, this isn’t just another new building….the business, called Eagle Mountain, is in the business of heating.  The big difference is, they do things like geothermal heating systems utilizing ponds for heating!  They have a short, concise press release here.


I took this photo late this afternoon….sorry about the poor lighting.  In reading the press release, I cannot wait until this project is completed!


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  1. Oh, I hear you loud and clear on that aspect, Bill! So many businesses have come and gone…all beginning with a pocket full of good intentions! In witnessing the growth of this particular business, however, I am truly hoping they pull through. One of the assets in this area, though, is there are many people with lots of $$$. Down on the lake, there are millionaire and billionaire homes. For them, being amongst the first to be so progressive as to have geothermal heating would be “just the thing”! In fact, I sure there are some thet probably already have it! We have a certain grocery store magnate that had a HUGE (I only *heard* it was 5 stories) log home built on the lake. Beleive it or not, (I surely had to do a double-take on this!) the home has copper gutters. Remember, this home was built only a few short years ago. And, they built homes on the lake “one atop the other”. Sorry to run astray here, but bottom line is….hope this business succeeds and does even better than they hope! Oh, and I cannot WAIT to see BAMBOO trees???? hehehe

  2. The heating with pond water reminds me of.. Smith Corona or maybe IBM.. the name escapes me now, might not be either, but it’s on Rt81 South… they take the heated water from cooling their machines, pump it out to a pond and then use the pond water to either heat or cool the building depending on the season. It’s a great concept. Hope this business takes off and that it’s not just another bandwagon jumper looking for federal grant money only to take off when all is said and done, cash in hand, eating high on the hog of the tax payers.

  3. Egads, Terri, your comment caused me to go in and expand the photo with the sign…this particular project is part of the “Leeds project” which is associated with the US government, and NYSERDA, which is NY state funding. Hmmmm….While at the NYSERDA site, I discovered the state was helping with funding small wind generators for homes. Interesting, but as Mark would say, the funding would probably be very minimal, with the great bulk of it on the homeowner’s shoulders. Would be nice…I would gladly go “green”. I love the idea of independence!!!!!!!!

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