A Splendid Winter’s Day

The past few days, we have had some bone-chillin’ days that were best spent indoors.  Yesterday, we got a couple of inches of snow, but today, the sun came out and we had the most sparkling blue skies…nearly sapphire at some points.

I had planned to visit at the home of our friends today and thought I would take along the camera.  Our friends’ home is built high into the side of a hill, making for some stunning views. With the clear blue skies, bright sun…..well, you can certainly see where I am going! You can even catch glimpses of the lake!




I have stated numerous times that we live in one of the prettiest areas on earth! I will let you be the judge….

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  1. Almost? hehehe

    Thank you, and no, no sand at this lake. We received a “balnket” of about three inches of snow on Friday. At the bottom of this lake lies “wetland” where lots of geese and ducks like to hang out! It is very marshy and there is a small preserve there.

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