This is Kind of Exciting!

For several years, when Mark and I drove northward on route 64, we passed a largish garage-looking building that had pickup trucks parked there with the name “Radiantmax” on the sides. We always wondered what it was all about. As time progressed, it seemed like this business was growing larger and larger, judging from the number of vehicles parked outside the building.

Across the road from this building and slightly south, we saw new construction beginning late last fall.  Not too long ago, I read an article in a local newspaper about the new building. It seems the business that we saw growing was building! And, this isn’t just another new building….the business, called Eagle Mountain, is in the business of heating.  The big difference is, they do things like geothermal heating systems utilizing ponds for heating!  They have a short, concise press release here.


I took this photo late this afternoon….sorry about the poor lighting.  In reading the press release, I cannot wait until this project is completed!


A Nikon Moment….

As I was working on transferring my photos from the SD card onto my laptop, my little “Lapscot” tried to jump up onto my lap.  Once he realized my lap was taken by the computer, he snuggled up close to me, placing his front paws inside my camera bag and resting his head across the top…

I called to Michelle to grab the Olympus camera to capture the moment, but he moved as she got closer. Guess he kinda thought he should pose for the camera!


A Splendid Winter’s Day

The past few days, we have had some bone-chillin’ days that were best spent indoors.  Yesterday, we got a couple of inches of snow, but today, the sun came out and we had the most sparkling blue skies…nearly sapphire at some points.

I had planned to visit at the home of our friends today and thought I would take along the camera.  Our friends’ home is built high into the side of a hill, making for some stunning views. With the clear blue skies, bright sun…..well, you can certainly see where I am going! You can even catch glimpses of the lake!




I have stated numerous times that we live in one of the prettiest areas on earth! I will let you be the judge….