Let ‘Em Eat Bread

When I first mentioned buying my Kitchen Aid food processor, I *think* I said in passing that it is able to make up bread dough.  My family loves freshly-baked bread….don’t we all?  If the truth be told, after buying the processor, it sat alone and lonely on the counter for probably a week.  I have a tendency to not “touch” new appliances until I read their manuals thoroughly and feel more comfortable using them.

After reading the sequence for making bread, I decided to start small. I gathered ingredients for dinner rolls. Instant success! Then, a few days ago, it was fresh English muffins. Bingo!  Then, I got really brave and made up a loaf of white bread from the recipe on the back of a bag of King Arthur Flour.  That loaf had barely made it out of the oven before the kids gathered like vultures, imploring me to cut them slices.

This morning, I decided to try another type of bread.  We are fortunate to live about 35 miles from a Mennonite store that sells all types of baking needs.  They sell a delightful multi-grain flour that contains all kinds of goodies in it….cracked wheat, cracked barley flour, cornmeal, and soy grits.  There are more, but those are some I remember.  Anyway, I used part all-purpose flour, and part of the Mennonite mix.  Ben loves “crunchy” things in his bread, and this certainly has some good texture.

The best part about using the food processor for making bread is that it is so easy!  I need only measure the dry ingredients into the processor bowl, then add the lightly heated wet ingredients through the top as the processor is running. I let it run for 1 1/4 minutes, then remove the perfect bread dough.  The dough *is* for all intents and purposes, perfect!


Oh, and while I am at it….I never buy those little packages of yeast. They are so expensive and to me, a waste of time.  It is so much cheaper to buy the “bricks” of yeast. I buy mine from the Mennonite store. (and if you enlarge the photo below, you can see it is about $2.75 per pound) I believe that BJ’s and Sam’s Club  sells yeast in a two pack of one pound bags as well.


And while I am at it, I cannot sing enough praises for my Bosch stove we bought last May. After my Thanksgiving fiasco with that poor unit billowing out black clouds of smoke from every orifice,  I was so nervous about using its self-cleaning feature! However, a few days ago, I bravely set the dial to “self-clean” and stood by…..watching in utter amazement as all traces of that fateful day were melted away, only leaving indelible memories in my mind!

As you can see in the photo below, it also proofs the goodies I make with the processor.  I am only too happy to bid adieu to the bread machine that I loved several years ago when I placed it on the counter and was fascinated as it dazzled me with a loaf of bread in about three hours!  My new method takes less time, (and it is cleaner) and there is no hole in the base of my loaf from the little paddle!


You cannot visit my blog without knowing that I am quite a fan of technology.  My kitchen, however, contains few gadgets, as I have always been somewhat skeptical of gadgetry….but give me that food processor and my stove…….

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  1. I quite like the little hole in the bottom of the loaf!!!

    I used to make the bread, but since my wife retired, she took over – she makes better bread in any case.

  2. Now that you’ve done bread in the food processor try pie crust. I love using mine for that, it is SO much easier! I also make quick scones and biscuits. I rarely cook these day with just Caroline and I around but I do love to bake. AND my bread machine just takes up counter space. I never made bread in in. I just used the dough feature then shaped and baked the bread in the oven. It is just an expensive raising box!

  3. Never got into using a bread machine. Have made bread from scratch since I was a youngun’. I have an industrial Kitchenaide mixer/food processor thing but it is in the basement in the workshop and I use it for mixing rubber to make molds. The Mennonite mix sounds enticing.

  4. So, you and I have done a flip flop! After years of making 6 loaves of bread at a time, what with the older kids still at home, I now make my bread in a bread machine. I use it once or twice a day, making a whole wheat flaxseed bread, or white, or rolls, or pizza dough. So much easier for me to do, and I don’t need to make as much at a time anyway. If I let it sit in the pan for 20 minutes after I take it out of the machine, it comes out easier, without tearing on the bottom. Those ends can be used for bread crumbs, so no waste. I’m glad you are enjoying your new Kitchen Aid though, those are some nice machines!!

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