So, Did You Catch the Lunar Eclipse?

 These are my humble-blurry submissions of moon shots last night.



I had told Ben about the eclipse and he thought it might be a really cool idea to take a chair out on the front porch so he could watch the phases. WRONG! It was so blasphemously FRIGID, my poor fingers felt like they were going to break and fall off as I worked with a stubborn tripod and monopod last night.

I got the monopod first, thinking it would be enough to stablize the camera. Truth be told, my shivering body could not be modified by a mere monopod. So, I trudged back inside the house, grabbing the tripod.  I set it up in the warmth of the living room. I thought perhaps if I got *really* warm by the woodstove, going into the temperature hovering just above ZERO (I believe that would be close to -15 or -17 celsius for my UK friends) wouldn’t seem quite so offensive.

Ben sat on his chair for a total of maybe about 45 seconds, then brought it back in! He (being the wiser of the two of us) decided it was much cozier (cosier) and warmer to watch the Buffalo Sabres game with Mark.  And so, I shivered, and ran in and out of the house several times.

I deleted the (several) photos that I took freehand that looked like slugs against a black setting! I am usually able to take a decent handheld shot, but with my body pulsating in fits of chills, it was nigh to impossible on this night!

Having read all the information about the various coloration (colouration) of the moon in the lunar phase, I guess the color (colour) we saw was not all that impressive. It remained a orangish color (colour) the entire time.

I missed the hockey game but when Mark told me about it, I wish I would have snuggled up near the television. It was a great game, with the Sabres looking as though they were going to lose right up until the game was tied in the final period! We clinched the game in overtime with Thomas Vanek managing his second hat trick in two games! GO BUFFALO!