I really don’t know if anyone else derives a great deal of pleasure from their pets, but I would venture most folks who have pets do indeed enjoy their antics.

I had posted the previous entry (Angus Ears) just a short time before getting up to speak with Mark.  When I returned to the table where I was working, Angus was perched up on the chair, face poked into my laptop as though he was about to comandeer the thing!

Sorry, I just couldn’t help but post this, as I found my “little boy’s” interest so humorous!!!!

Watching the Skies!

Since I was absent on Valentine’s Day, here is a delightful red rose just for you, my dear readers!


We are currently enjoying a bright and sunny winter’s day here in the Bristolwood.  It is so sunny, but the temperature is cold and to go outside makes one feel totally “cheated”! After all, HOW could it be so beautiful through the windows, and so COLD outside?  Upon returning from getting the mail,  my nose hurt for a bit, as the wind must have chilled it quite well!

Clouds are making their way across the western sky, causing me concern….Tonight is a total eclipse of the moon, and I was so anxious to witness this. I am hoping that the gathering clouds will not thicken to the point of obstructing visibility.  ‘I guess all one can do is watch and wait to see what happens!  NASA has a page set up with charts on times to look heavenward…..

My kids are acting so nutty today….I would gladly give them away to the first takers!  It has been a day with little direction….the kids have off for a winter break, and if I had known just how crazy lack of motivation would drive them, I would never have given them ANY time off!