Some Winter Scenes

Since Mark was feeling a little under the weather today, the driveway remained unplowed from the now we got last night. I watched for the UPS man, and when he came, I walked my package to be sent down to him. As we talked, I was awestruck by the beautiful scenery at the end of our driveway. Just across from us is the highest point in the county. The sn was playing hide-and-seek with the clouds and it made for some exceptional scenery. The top of the hill was glistening from the ice from a few days ago, and the sky was just fantastic…




Scotties in the Bush

I know I have once again been missing, but there has been much going on and I haven’t been taking many pictures. The kids had a cold “thing” and now Mark is feeling kind of miserable.

Yesterday Mark and I had eye examinations that seemed to take forever! I decided that I would like to try multifocal contacts, as my far sight needed a bit of correction. The doctor had me try on a pair of soft contacts, and I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I am so excited about these contacts and am building up my wear time. The doctor told me if they aren’t exactly what I hoped for to not get disappointed, as he would “tweak” them until they are right. I want a little more reading power, so I know we will already need some adjustments. I am just so happy at the thought of getting rid of glasses. Every pair of glasses I have had seem to get lost or broken! Contacts will be a bit easier to manage.

We got some snow last night and as I shoveled this morning, although it was below freezing, it was raining. (again)

This afternoon, Michelle took the Scots out and I followed behind with my camera. I have no idea what Angus was onto, but I thought this series of pictures were pretty cute!




I wanted to include a (happy) update on Richard Zednik, the hockey player that was badly injured in the game with the Buffalo Sabres Sunday night.  Buffalo played again last night, and during an intermission, there was an interview with the doctors that worked with and on him.  One of the doctors at the hospital said his carotid artery was cut to the point where it was hanging on “by a thread”. She commended the Sabres’ doctor for his proper attention to the injury….the Sabres doctor said Richard was alert and conscious the entire time, complaining about the pressure being exerted on his neck. Thankfully, this is such a great ending to an injury that looked so frightening. It was quick reaction by the doctor at the rink that saved this player’s life!