(and I am certainly *NOT* referring to Liquid Paper here!!!)

Just about two hours after photographing the beautiful bright and sunny skies of the Bristolwood, look what happened!


The house got so dark inside, it was amazing! I ran to the bedroom to grab my camera and as I looked out, the above was what I saw! Fortunately, the “squall” only lasted about 10 minutes, but look at these poor little brave souls!



As soon as the blowing, wind-driven snow passed, they were hopping down from their limbs, feeding contentedly and seemingly oblivious to the howling winds around them!

A New Day Dawns…


And it is a frosty, chilly day here! Last night, when I went out for a final firewood “run”,  I saw that the sky was cloudless….the night sky was bright as the stars shone, unhindered by low-lying clouds.

This morning, the skies began a bright sapphire blue, but as time is progressing, they are filling with more and more clouds. The sun was certainly a welcome sight, as it has not been visible for a very long time!

When I went to go get some firewood this morning, the back deck was covered in snow. I grabbed the shovel to remove it, but was quite amused by the “type” of snow that greeted me. Instead of wet, heavy snow, this was *granulated* snow……dry, almost pellet-like! It was so light and easy to remove!


 I know I have taken several photos of icy trees, but when I saw the sun shining brightly on the tops of these branches, it nearly took my breath away! It was so beautiful, rivaling the beauty of any man-made crystal!


Unfortunately, the wind is blowing here in the Bristolwood. This is not one of those “blow- right-through-you winds”, either. This is one that feels more like it accosts one head-on, then returns to further beat up one’s backside as well! Then, it goes through you!!!

I know that many people are tired of the cold and snow, but we do still have a few more weeks to deal with cold, snow, and hopefully, no more ice!  This is the time of year when winter-weary folks begin to feel as though they are going to burst from cabin fever, but to me, I see signs of the return of spring as the days stretch just a little longer with each passing day. This is a grand time to enjoy looking at seed catalogues, trying one’s hand at baking breads and other tasty treats, sipping hot tea, and just taking it easy. Once the warm weather comes, so does more outside work! I really enjoy winter’s “vacation” feeling. I can actually sit still and read or watch a movie without feeling guilt-ridden!