Snow, Winter, and Just the Same Ole, Same Ole!

Now that the “big event” of the root canal is over and everything is back to “normal”, I found myself pondering just how much anxiety caused me to stop dead in my tracks like a deer caught in the headlights of a car!

 I found myself cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and all the mundane little jobs that are what make life so un-interesting! I felt just fine today, although my cheek was sore where the Novocaine was given. The dentist had told me to take ibuprophen along with the antibiotic ,so I took it this afternoon and was a little surprised how it took the edge off the hurt….The “pain” isn’t really bad…it is more annoying as it hurts when I bend over to pick things up. It is kind of like a headache.  Other than that, I feel just fine.

The day heated up (yeah, sure!) to just above freezing today, causing all the ice on the tree branches to drip, drip, drip. The sun actually poked through the clouds a few times today, giving the icy branches a nice little “sparkle”! I was able to (finally!) shovel the ice off the back deck, as the temperature caused it to loosen up.




It is hard to believe that we are heading into the middle of February already. Wasn’t it *just* Christmas?

We are bracing for some really chilly polar air this week. Although the cold isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it really does help with many things. One thing that it helps do is kill off larvae of destructive bugs that mess with farm harvests. We are really missing a good snow pack that is vital to the water table. I really would love to see a good old-fashioned winter! Before we know it, though, things will be greening up and winter will only be a memory.

And speaking of cold weather, I made up a batch of “hearty vegetable barley soup”. I am not a fan of soup, but this was quite tasty! I had been reading a little paperback book of healing foods found in the Bible, and it mentioned barley. I had never made anything with barley before. Mark is fond of rice, which I really dislike most of the time. The barley was a good switch, and everyone loved it. The kids have been feeling a little miserable today with symptoms of a cold so the soup really hit the spot for them.

I also made a chocolate cake (I don’t like chocolate much, either!) today and for one reason or another, the thing just kind of fell apart as I cut pieces for everyone.  It was one of those days that everything seems to fall apart at the seams, but I just didn’t care! Even though the presentation was a bit “crummy”, (or crumbly) everyone liked the cake.

Hmmm….now that I think about it, must be the talk about the root canal being a piece of cake that caused me to bake today!!!

And So…

I will tell you all about my dental adventure, but first, some pictures that I took yesterday!

I am getting closer and closer to that Red-Bellied Woodpecker. It has been coming more and more to the feeder, and it seems a little less intimidated when I appear at the window with the camera. (or, I am getting more invisible!)



Just to give a little appreciation of the size of this bird, let me tell you that I have counted as many as nine Goldfinches feeding in the feeder at one time….


This morning, I was wide awake at 5, but decided to just lie in bed until 5:15. I was so not wanting to get out of bed today. Yesterday, I spoke to the UPS man and he told me that when his wife had a root canal, she was “miserable” for two or three days. Ugh…..

I got up and was greeted by two bright red flowers on my Valentine  Christmas Cactus! True to its nature of last year, this little plant is producing more than one holiday!  It certainly put a smile on my face and made me feel a teeny-tiny bit better for a few seconds!

I will fast-forward some. I arrived at the dentist office about 10 minutes before my scheduled 9:45 appointment.  Since I have a tendency to rival a race horse at the gate, I was  breathing easier when they called me right in. (I certainly would have looked a bit “awkward” pacing about in the waiting room!!!)

As soon as I sat in the chair, Dr. Levi administered Novacaine. He said it wasn’t totally necessary, as the tooth had been pronounced “dead” at my previous appointment.  I got novacaine in both the outside and inside of my gums surrounding the tooth.  I pointed out a broken filling as we awaited the deadening numbness to begin. The good doctor went immediately into action, not only redoing that filling, but also filling a tiny cavity near my gumline. Amazing.

I had been sent home with a fact sheet describing the process involved in root canals. As I read it, I felt so nervous, wondering what it would be like.  When I expressed just how nervous I was feeling, Dr. Levi assured me a root canal isn’t that bad at all. And, there shouldn’t be pain and misery afterward.

The dental office advocates “gentle” dentistry, so I watched and listened to a James Taylor concert as Dr. Levi worked. The dental hygenist stayed right there, preparing everything the dentist required and we all chatted away. At first, my  fists were clasped together, but as time went on and I realized I must have been given a dosage of Novacaine befitting a hyper racehorse, my hands relaxed, palms resting on my legs.

About midway through the procedure, I asked the good doctor if I might be able to run to the bathroom…..seems when I am nervous, the kidneys go into overtime! I was greatly humored when Dr. Levi said a little break would be wonderful, as his fingers were beginning to hurt!

When I arrived back in the room, the hygenist replaced the lovely “bib” and I noticed a piece of what looked like foam with tiny little needle-looking objects that looked like they might be useful in a torture chamber! She smiled and said most patients would never get a look at those! They were the files that the detist used to ream out the “tunnels” or canals.

The dentist worked so meticulously and methodically….suddenly he proclaimed that there was a definite infection….he could tell by the smell.  The most horrible odor was emitting from the root of my tooth! Gross!!! Not to fear, as a syringe filled with Sodium Hypochlorite…..yes, BLEACH!, was used to clean the mess! The dentist joked with me as he cleaned the area.  He worked so long on each root…making sure to rid each of any infection and bacteria.

By the time Dr. Levi was getting ready to finish up, I needed to have a “bite block” inserted in my mouth to keep it open! My mouth is very small and many years ago, the oral surgeon announced I certainly didn’t give him much room to work as he had to dig out three impacted wisdom teeth!  Of course, when he finished, my face was so badly bruised, I needed to stay home for over a week, lest anyone think I had been beaten!

So, how was the root canal? I would say it was pretty much a non-event! I do have to take an antibiotic, as concern was there to eradicate any infection. Dr. Levi explained that the upper teeth have roots that are connected to the sinuses. He asked if my sinuses had been acting up, and I told him no. Now, I am wondering if the strange breathing dilemma I have had was in any way linked to this….

As the procedure was coming to a close, I don’t know if Dr. Levi’s or my own stomach was growling louder for lunch. We headed over to another bigger town and grabbed subs for lunch. I was wondering if this would even be possible for me to eat. Well, eat I did!

The most injury I suffered from this is a bruise inside my cheek from Novacaine being administered.. So, go ahead and ask me what I think of a root canal and I will tell you,  “piece of cake!”….