Wanna Hear About Tomorrow?

Nah? Neither do I, really!

 I must be up by about five. I need to clean away ice and snow off the sidewalk. Then, I need to de-ice the truck and Explorer.  I will need to take the Scottie boys out, fix the fire, then awaken Mark.

We must be off and on our way shortly after seven. First, we must drive to the Chevy garage and drop off the truck and keys. Then, we are off to the bank. After the bank, we are off again….this time, to the dentist.

Yes, the time has come to pay the piper. Tomorrow is root canal day. I am not the least bit happy about this, but with a good portion of my tooth broken off, I knew something like this was coming.

 So, if I go belly-up for a time and am not around, please know I am languishing from this devious dental doing. I am *so* not looking forward to this. Yes, I know….I think I already said that!

Please say a little prayer for moi if you feel so inclined! And, don’t worry….I will be back to myself soon.  If nothing else, the camera will distract me from the agony of it all!