Beauty in the Ice of the Beholder

As the temperatures plummeted this morning, I was relieved, thinking that the falling rain would soon be turning to snow and we would miss out on the ice predicted by all the weather forecasts.

The following are photos taken around the house and yard today. As you will observe, the rain continued to fall even with temperatures below freezing.






I made up two batches of soap this morning, then Mark and I called several places inquiring about an eye examination.  I really need an exam as my last was two years ago and I am going nuts with broken reading glasses!

After we got home last night, I went outside with a flashlight to look at the inspection sticker on the Explorer. Sure enough, it was supposed to be inspected in December!  Mark called the Chevy garage about the failed inspection on the truck, and they said it needs to be worked on….it never should have had any problems. (well, we *knew* that!) Mark is going to take it in on Friday, but in the meantime, the Explorer needed an inspection.

Since Michelle has her Bible study on Wednesdays, we made an appointment for 4 this afternoon. As the time grew closer, Mark decided to stay home, as the weather was questionable.

Michelle and I took the Explorer to the garage and waited while it was inspected. Thankfully, there was no problem at all.  We had a couple of hours to kill until Michelle had to be dropped off,  so we shopped around a little.  When we came out of the store, the rain was pouring down in torrents….it was raining so hard, it was hard to believe! We raced to the Explorer and when I reached for the door handle, it was caked in ice! As we hopped inside, Michelle grumbled and complained about the dousing we experienced.

As we drove out of the parking lot, it became evident that the weather was degrading quite rapidly.  Any grass along the sides of the road glistened as the headlights struck it….the power lines above us had icicles hanging down as well as the traffic lights.  Mark called and asked me to pick up a few groceries, so I pulled into Wegman’s. Michelle and I shopped briskly, then we decided that we were going to go right home. 

As I drove home, I was grateful Michelle agreed to skip her study this week. The roads were salted, but the glistening pavement in the headlights just made it seem like a good idea to get home ASAP!  At one point, we passed by two deer standing right alongside the road. I just prayed they would stay put, but as I passed, they ran away from the road. Talk about nerve-wracking!

When Michelle and I arrived home, Mark said he was happy we were home, as he had looked at the weather maps and said the entire Finger Lakes region was “pink”, the color depicting ice on radar maps.

Ah, Home, Sweet Home!

If Every Day Was This Busy…

I think I would scream!

Mark had some paperwork that needed to be filled out and sent to his insurance company. The doctor needed to fill out some forms so Mark made an appointment for this afternoon. Since we were out, Mark decided we should run to the post pffice to mail the forms ourselves.

I ended up in line at the post office three times..once for change to get copies made, another to buy an envelope and get forms for certified mail, and finally to pay. As we were reviewing all the papers in the truck, an older gentleman tapped on Mark’s window to tell him the inspection sticker on the truck was expired!

After the post office, we hopped on over to WalMart for a quick oil change. We looked around the store while they worked on the truck and when it was done we stood in line for over 20 minutes before someone came out to wait on us. How frustrating that was…

The next stop was at Midas after Jiffy Lube turned us away for an inspection as they had no stickers. Not realizing just how busy this day was going to be. we had brought the Scotties along with us. What normally would be take only minutes turned into over half an hour. The tech came out and explained our truck failed inspection as the emissions computer failed to communicate properly. We were sent away with a brochure published by New York State telling us to return in a couple of days after completing some “driving cycles”. Mind you, this is a 2006 truck with 18,000 miles on it.

We got back home at about 7…I had planned to watch the Sabres play Boston tonight but fell sound asleep for a couple of hours. I did awaken in time to see the Sabres win!

I was so stressed out this morning when my laptop once again pooped out on me. The good news is that Mark isolated the problem to faulty drivers. Please be kind with any errors in this entry as I am typing on my wee cell with my thumbs!