Between Ice and Hard Places

Today is Super Tuesday here in the US of A, and everywhere we turn,  we are being admonished to “get out and vote” in the primaries. Good advice.

I was awakened this morning at 4:30 by a sound that was so unfamiliar, it took some time for conscientiousness to sort it out and relay the message to my brain! Ah yes! It was thunder! No sooner than the realization hit, streaks of white light flashed across the window in front of me! For one reason or another, this particular area where we live doesn’t seem susceptible to the (sometimes frightening) good old-fashioned thunderstorms I remember living in other areas of the state. Murphy, who seems to be unnerved by such things grew just a little restless, rising up and then settling back down when I assured him everything was okay.

I fell back asleep to the rumbling sounds overhead, and got up shortly before six-thirty. I fed the Scots and then we headed for the door. As I glanced at the thermometer, I was surprised to see that it had already risen into the 40’s! We tumbled out the door and walked down off the porch.

What I observed from that vantage point was awesome. Well, perhaps “awesome” is not exactly the right word to use……our entire driveway is shining like the top of a bald man’s head in the sunshine! All that horrible ice we received the other day is now exposed and it is treacherous! The only “safe” areas on the entire driveway are where the vehicles were parked.  Because of the ice melt we used on the sidewalk, it worked its way down onto the very top part of the driveway and melted the ice.

I will have to consult with Mark about what to do. I am not so sure that temperatures into the 50’s will even melt the crust of ice….I tried to break some up with my foot and it is S-O-L-I-D! What a mess. The weatherman said that the temperature is supposed to drop tomorrow and we are getting some snow. My prayer is that the temperature drops well before the precipitation begins.

For now, it looks like no one is going to be coming into our driveway, nor will we being going out!

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  1. I awoke at 3:30 this morning with a sore back. Realizing I had been in bed for more than 6 hours, I decided it was time to get up. I showered and went grocery shopping. When I walked outside, I almost fell on my head…glare ice everywhere! I salted, but it didn’t help much. The rain that was falling wasn’t helping either. It just slickened everything even more. When I got home I decided to back into the driveway so I wouldn’t have so far to carry my goodies. When I took Joe out, he just looked at me as though I was torturing him. Poor guy…can’t say as I blame him!

    I am so glad my driveway isn’t nearly as long as yours! I will be attacking mine later with a heavy metal shovel. Thought I shouldn’t do that at 4 something in the morning, the neighbors might chase me out of the neighborhood!

  2. Well today I learned yet another new word to add to my collection…As Mark listened to my concerns regarding the driveway, he assured me it would be a total waste of time to salt . Instead, he told me that considering the high temperature outdoors and the wind blowing; the process of “sublimation” would be sufficient. And, of course, by noon;almost every bit of ice was gone. Okay, so when he is right, he is right…

  3. That’s a good word. I haven’t heard it since school days or read it since my Isaac Asimov days.

    I’m now back in normal winter mode – wet days at around 5 centigrade. Ugh!

  4. Sublimation is one of my favorite words! I just like the way it sounds. In fact, I like the way lots of science words sound! Hmmm, odd isn’t it?

  5. Looks like we’re going to have a good run at a full week of snow up here. At least your driveway is back to normal now. It sounded horrid and I would have had the same concerns as you.

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