Another New Toy!

Somehow, I think poor Mark must regret the day he brought home a computer and taught me to use it….so many things have happened since that time.  I learned to make soap and met lots of other soap makers online!  I also learned how to order goodies online! I began this blog! Of course, many other things happened as well, but they are too numerous to mention.

Just a few days ago, Mark showed me the most wonderful website:

This website has daily listings of great deals that people have found. Mark informed me that one must check it daily as many of the offerings expire quickly or are depleted and can no longer be ordered.

Just last week, I was looking through some recipes and noticed many call for using a food processor.  I told Mark then that I should look around for one. Mark used to have one when we first married, but it was an “el cheapo” model that died an early death.  I have lived all these years without one, but decided it might be a handy tool.

This morning, I was looking on Mark’s laptop, as my poor unit suffered another episode of belly-up-ness. (I must interject this….I do believe that somewhere in Mark’s background….perhaps his college mechanical engineering studies…..he must have taken an oath to never allow any device in his domain to die without resuscitating it until it can no longer be resuscitated!!!!!) As I browsed through offerings at Slick Deals, I saw that on January 31, someone mentioned that Macy’s was offering a Kitchen Aid food processor for $100. There was also mention of a $20 rebate and that the lowest this unit could be found for was $179!

I told Mark about the information I found and he began searching online. He was surprised to find that $80 was a truly great deal. He called Macy’s and found that they had exactly one unit left! The kindly man told Mark he would hold it for me!

Late this afternoon, I drove up to the mall and picked up the new processor. You cannot imagine my surprise when the box was HUGE!  Abe, the salesman, told me the box wasn’t that heavy, but asked if I might need help carrying it to the car. I laughed, and told him I was much sturdier than I appear! After paying and lifting my new appliance, I suddenly felt all kinds of muscles working that had been previously dormant!  My pride, however, was able to endure carrying the box to the escalator where a much appreciated rest gave me time to brace for the trip through the store and out to the car!


I think this food processor might weigh more than my Kitchen Aid mixer! Wow! It is well made. I am currently reading the instruction manual and am excited it can knead bread! I cannot believe this was only $80, as I had looked at food processors at WalMart last week, and they looked so little and flimsy compared to this one….and they cost about $50-70.

Tomorow, I suppose the family wil be expecting some goodies produced by my new toy.

And now, totally aside from the aforementioned topic, I wanted to show my dear readers a picture I took yesterday afternoon as I was going to the grocery store to pick up goodies for the Super Bowl. (and no, I did not watch it….football just is not my game.)  This photo was taken about 3/4 of a mile up the hill from our house.


We have the snow on the ground, but our trees were ice-coated until mid-afternoon yesterday when the temperatures rose above freezing.  Tomorrow, we are supposed to heat up quite a bit, only to return to more wicked winter weather on Wednesday. By “wicked” I mean freezing rain and wet sloppy mixes before turning to snow.  Ah, I love weather!!!

I *Almost* Caught Him!


I have discovered this little bugger is now coming to the feeder for those tasty black-oil sunflower seeds!  I caught him climbing about on this dead branch. I was downstairs at the time, so I raced upstairs and grabbed my camera. (which was so handily sitting right there under the window!) As soon as I lined the camera up to the window, that little escape artist saw me….yes, his beady little eye was watching! Knowing he would be long gone were I to open the window, I went for broke! I just shot through the glass without really getting good focus. As soon as I took this photo, he was gone, just like the wind!