I Learned a New Word!

I must admit that due to circumstances that may or may not be beyond my control, my allottment of words has become disparagingly low of late. There was a time when I used to open the dictionary each day and learn a new word, thus giving my command of the language a much larger selection of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc!

 Last night, we drove the kids down to the teen skate. As always, they were so excited about the skate and chattered uncontrollably in the back seat until we finally dropped them off.

While they were skating, Mark and I stopped by Arby’s for some dinner, then I went into the grocery store to grab a few items we needed.  As I shopped, Mark watched TV on his cell phone….ah, what a marvel modern technology is….to be able to sit in a vehicle and serve up television from home! As the time was getting nearer and nearer to pick up the kids, we drove to McDonald’s and Mark ordered a double cheeseburger for the Scottie boys. While Angus daintily ate from a fork, (Mark fed him) hungry litttle Monster Murphy nearly tore my hand off as I offered him tidbits. I do think he inhaled his burger and lettuce rather than *ate* it!

We picked the kids up and they once again began their chatter (although a little less loudly) in the back seat.  Mark turned on the radio and as we listened to the weather forecast,  I was introduced to a new word I had not heard before. We were told that the weather that I described a couple of days ago is called “snizzle”.  Snizzle is defined as a combination of snow and drizzle.  Hmm….I think it deserving of something much “heavier” than such a silly sounding name….As I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled some more to remove that shroud of ICE from the premises, the term snizzle just sounds too innocent and harmless to me!