Why I Have Been Absent

I am sorry about my absence, but I just haven’t felt like even looking at my computer of late.  As much as I enjoy and relish technology, when it “fritzes” out, I am afraid I become quite the cowardice fool, not wanting to pursue (or even overcome) the inevitable challenges ahead of me.  I don’t think it is age-related, but more of my non-competitive nature that would probably cause me to throw the contraption over the nearest cliff were I not married to a “ballast” who keeps me on a more worthy track!

Mark “doctored” my little laptop, coaxing it to once again come to life. It worked splendidly for a day, happily responding to Mark’s every command. As soon as the dear little computer was placed into my cold, clammy hands, however, the screen went black and it failed to respond to me no matter what action I tried.  Naturally, as soon as it was again in Mark’s possession, it cheerfully obliged. Dirty rotten laptop!

Just to add a little insult to my (already) injured being, my cell phone decided to join the class of non-functioning technology. I went out by myself Saturday evening to the store. Mark and the kids were left behind, watching television. I went to a couple of stores and just relaxed, enjoying my “alone” time. I should have known I would pay…one way or another!

I had forgotten my little cell phone in the Explorer when I went into the stores. It was only after I had returned home that I remembered the little device was tucked into one of the car’s niches. I trudged outside to grab it, thinking it felt terribly cold.  As I looked at it, I saw that it wasn’t flashing its little green beacon at me as normal.  I tried to turn it on….no go. I had never seen it behave in such a fashion, so I immediately took its lifeless little self to Mark. He tried a soft reboot, a hard reboot, removing the battery.and replacing it…all to no avail.

At this point, you cannot imagine how my technology esteem had sunken to an all time low.  Mark assured me that everything would be okay, but I would be hard-pressed to believe that any of my “toys” would ever work again. Thankfully, my faithful Nikon camera was fine, but I became so disillusioned, I would not even take my normal little walks to search for new photos!

On Sunday, Mark called the cell store and they said there were no techs to examine the phone until 10am on Monday. As Mark talked to the associate at the store, the associate divulged that the tech would first look for signs of “moisture” damage.  This threw me into a frenzy…..my last cell phone showed signs of moisture damage and it was a major production to get it replaced!  I was totally convinced that my phone would be deemed damaged by the big “M” word and I would be left “cell-less” for several days, awaiting a “new” re-manufactured phone to arrive.

As it worked out, Mark was convinced that there was no moisture damage and my little cell phone would be replaced.  Optimism certainly does make one feel better.

On Monday, we went to the store and within 45 minutes, I was walking out of the store with a brand new box containing my brand new cell phone! You have no idea how thrilled I was.  Nearly delusional! As we were sitting in the store awaiting the arrival of my new phone, a man came in to see one of the new models of phones offered by the company. The display model had been removed only a few minutes before when Mark complained that it was not working!

The sales person took the fellow over to the display where a photo of the said model was posted above the now empty display unit.  I watched as the sales person explained features and such to the interested customer. Then, the customer took up a little empty plastic container and looked it over and over. My sense of humor let loose and I began to giggle uncontrollably…..a photo of the phone….an empty plastic holder….come ON! I have no idea what was said, but by the time the customer left, I was nearly on the floor, beside myself, laughing like a mad woman! By this time, Mark could no longer contain himself as I made silly little comments and gestures, pretending to be a customer trying to *imagine* the phone of my dreams! It was (very) shortly after this that the new phone was given to me and we were on our way. Mark was thoroughly convinced they wanted to expedite our departure so as not to disturb any future customers. I, on the other hand, think the phone was just ready……it really matters not, as we haven’t had such a good laugh in quite some time!

This morning, I decided I had better post again on my blog, and so I am!

After filling the bird feeder, I looked outside the bedroom window to see my friend, the little Red-Bellied Woodpecker fly up from the feeder! I had not seen it there before, and my hands were shaking as I reached for my camera. I took one photo through the window…the red coloration is more accurate in this photo than in previous ones.


As I cracked the window just a bit to try to photograph the woodpecker, it turned its head toward me, then flew off! That woodpecker is just so very shy. The finches certainly don’t seem to mind my presence very much and the little Goldfinch in the foreground seemed to even look into the camera for me!


My laptop is now no longer celebrating “wirelessly”, but rather has a lovely little “dongle” attached to a cable dangling from a USB port.  The laptop no longer blacks out on me, but rather, runs very well.  It is undaunted by the new ornament, and could care less that it caused me such undue stress.

All  I can say is, Mark certainly is a much more persistent (and industrious) soul than I!

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  1. So glad you are back! I missed you! Your blog is on my to read list everyday and I was having severe withdrawal. Missed seeing your WW.

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