I Am Back!

Mark took the laptop apart yesterday, and although he said he really didn’t spot anything wrong, he “reseated” a few parts.  He flipped the machine over, tested it, and voila! Everything is back to normal. Amazing, I say….He said that from time to time, things just need to be unscrewed, dusted off a bit, and put back together once again. Who am I to argue?

I had some photos I took on Thursday. It was a funny sort of day, weatherwise.  The winds were constantly blowing, although not necessarily blustery….We had gotten snow overnight and as I was clearing off the driveway, I grabbed my camera to capture the snow as it blew off the branches of the trees.


As you can see, the snow came off the tree in “clumps” that kind of resembled little snowballs falling. As I watched, a good gust of wind came along….this time, one would have sworn it was *really* snowing. But, no, it really was not.


I finished my task of snow removal and went inside the house. I placed a big can filled with seeds into the birdfeeder, and the birds swarmed the side of the house. I really enjoyed this photo of four Goldfinches in the tree just enjoying….well, just enjoying life, I guess!


Later in the afternoon, guess what? The snow began falling….and,  I don’t remember when I have seen such BIG flakes! It looked just like the snow falling from the trees earlier!



It’s funny how our animals are a reflection of ourselves. Many of the Scottie people I know say that their Scotties hate the snow and cold.  When I ask them (the people, not the Scots) if they like the winter, I always get an emphatic “NO!”. Case closed!

How do I know that Angus and Murphy enjoy the winter? Take a look at them dashing through the snow!  Too bad we don’t have a fenced-in yard, as it is awkward trying to handle two frolicking Scots getting all tangled in their Flexi-leads!


We all smiled as Angus the Abominable Snow-Scot entered the house, icy cold snow dangling from his beard and skirt!


We kept snug and warm inside all day, but boy, did I miss my computer! Mark is going to do some more work on my laptop today so it will do automatic transfers of my photos to the main computer….more withdrawal!