Frustration Abounds

My little laptop is still not feeling very welll…yesterday, while Mark was diagnosing, the naughty little thing refused to act up. Instead, connectivity was miraculously restored…Yes, you know….just like when you take your vehicle to the dealership for a malady, and as the technician stands there patiently listening to your description, hood up in the air, the thing acts perfectly. No problem…..until you turn the corner and everything begins once again!

This whole scenario began on Tuesday morning. As I was working on my laptop, the screen suddenly went entirely black! I recalled Mark explaining not more than two days before, that I really needed to backup my photographs by placing them onto the main computer which runs backups every night. My heart felt as though it had sunken to the floor, but I bravely hit the button to reboot. ..thankfully, the little laptop rejuvenated, coming up just as it should. Shortly after, I told Mark about the problem, knowing he would know what to do.

Yesterday, Mark ran the laptop for many hours with it responding well. Then, last night, he advised me that the connectivity was no longer working.  He told me I could run a wire and use it that way, but I was too tired to go through all the work to connect. After using the laptop wirelessly, who would want to wire up?

The respite I got afforded me the time to actually sit still for some time to watch the movie Amazing Grace. This was the movie produced in 2006, dealing with the abolition of slavery in England, due much in part to the tireless work by William Wilburforce. I enjoyed the movie and was stirred beyond words at the end when a bagpiping band marched forth playing the song Amazing Grace. I have no idea why, but when I heard a marching band perform like that, tears flow.

Mark listened as I explained what happened to my laptop the other day, and after its behavior yesterday, he thinks it is a cable running between the mother and daughter boards that is suspect. Did you know your computer has a daughter board? hehehe

Well, here’s to today! Hopefully……

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  1. We have a 30 piece marching bagpipe band at the parade for the Door County Scottie Rally and it is awesome to hear them play Amazing Grace.

  2. They’re called mother and daughter boards because they give so many problems!!!!

    Re Amazing Grace played as a pipe tune, this is a fairly recent phenomenon. For what I can find out, it started in the 1970s when two regiments, one with pipe band and one with a military band, were amalgamated. The musical directors from both got together to produce something for the amalgamation parade and decided that Amazing Grace – not a known pipe tune at that time – sounded good to both.

  3. I’ve been meaning to see that film for a while, along with several others – watching a film right through is not really possible with a one year old and when I’ve put him to bed I’m reluctant to use up a couple of hours of ‘me time’ watching movies.

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