Back to “Normal”

The kids had another little break yesterday, as it was Martin Luther King Day. They had made arrangements for a friend to come over for a few hours, so the three kids had some fun listening to music. I had not noticed that the kids are a bit hard-of-hearing before…I wonder how many times I asked them to turn the music down…….

I began dinner yesterday morning, placing a roast on the stovetop and letting it cook all day. All I needed to do to finish up was place potatoes in the oven to bake and I also made some dinner rolls. A very easy day, foodwise!

Mark and I watched an afternoon Buffalo Sabres hockey game. The Sabres just seem unable to snap out of their losing streak. They had traveled to Phoenix for the game, and once again, they lost. It is disheartening, watching this team that was so unstoppable last year.

The kids went outside before dinner, and when I was going to call them in for dinner, they were nowhere to be found. I called up into the woods…it was actually getting dark, and there is no lighting in the woods! As I listened, I heard them coming towards me.

Mark and I ate dinner in the office, while watching the game and the kids ate in the dining area. Sage’s dad came by to pick him up at about 7, and after finishing up watching the game, I was too exhausted to do much of anything! I felt as though I crawled up the stairs at about 10 and went to bed.

I was awakened at 12:30, feeling as though I was going to die! My stomach hurt so badly, and I just felt as though something was “rising up within me”! Let’s just say I was sick for about an hour, then fell back asleep once again. I was fine this morning, so I am thinking I must have eaten something that made me dreadfully sick to have recovered so quickly.

After¬†Sage’s dad came by to pick him up last night, I was able to pop outside for a few minutes to capture a photo of that fantastic moon! It has been putting on such a display lately, looking bigger than I have ever seen it!


The kids are back to schoolwork today, so things will be more peaceful than yesterday. Ah, back to the “norm”!

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  1. Kat – Love your photos of the moon. I have trouble taking photos at night. They never seem to turn out well.

  2. Dayna, I had a lot of trouble taking moon photos as well, but with the new (well, new last year) camera, I am able to get good shots. Does your camera have a far range as far as telephoto is concerned? My old Olympus had only 3x zoom, so I could never “reach” very far! Does your camera have a “nightime” setting? (generally indicated by a little moon and stars) This helps somewhat in getting dark shots. And, of course, one of the most vital elements is to plant your camera. By this, I mean that you can lean your elbows against something solid. In the photo above, I actually braced my monopod on the railing of the stairs on our front porch and leaned my weight into the monopod so it would not move. Oh, and to cheat just a bit, I used a remote control to make sure I would not move the camera when I pressed the shutter release. Goodness, I guess I did put a bit into that photo!….

    Carly, ah the memories…….

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