A Quiet and Peaceful Day!

Today was a pretty chilly day here in the Bristolwood.  We settled on staying inside and working on paperwork and office-type work.

One of the first things I do each morning is feed the birds. This morning,  they must have been terribly hungry, as they flew right near me as I placed the seeds in the feeder! Afterwards, I took my “perch” in the bedroom window and took this photo of a few finches all feeding inside the feeder!  One day, I counted nine little Goldfinches all feeding in the box!


I didn’t get very much paperwork done today, but Mark told me he had a couple of shows he had recorded that I might enjoy. Because of Mark’s love of hockey, he has a 52″ widescreen television as it is much easier to see the puck!  The TV is also a high definition model, so the Hi-Def shows are exceptional. Because Mark is a bit of an audiophile, he has great Bang and Olufsen speakers hooked into the television to make one’s experience even more entertaining.

The first show I watched was entitled Over Ireland. It was a Hi-Def program which basically was shown from a helicopter view, flying over Ireland, highlighting many of Ireland’s features. The show was amazing. Seeing the sheer rock cliffs was fascinating….there was so much to see, I know I will watch that show again just to drink even more in!  The second show featured Dublin.

As we watched the shows, I told Mark I really would love to visit England, Scotland, and Ireland.  The only problem as I could see it, was that we would have to spend considerable time poking around! 

I did manage to do a few chores, but I honestly haven’t had such a leisurely day in a very long time!

Carly called late this afternoon, and we talked and chattered away. As I was talking, I looked out the bedroom window and saw the most splendid colors in the sky!


I guess both sailors and shepherds would agree this sky was a delight!

Later, I went up to the “convenience” store to pick up a pizza and chicken wings. For the first time ever, I decided to photograph the ski mountain at night!


I took this shot without a tripod….I was pretty impressed it came out as well as it did! This is just a small portion of the entire area. It is pretty impressive, and this “city on a hill” is what casts the reddish-orange sky I have captured from the bedroom window located about 2 miles away! For this photo, I parked in the parking lot for the mountain.

It is pretty cold outside…about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, or -12 degrees, Celsius. The wind is picking up some, so it sure is nice to be safely tucked away inside the house with the woodstove keeping us warm and cozy!

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  1. We had a great moon last night, but I was so chilled on my way in from the car that I didn’t want to go back out with the camera. I’ve been feeling like I’m fighting a cold so I didn’t want to push the chills.

    I LOVE the sky pic and the ski pic… shoots I even love the bird pic. You always have some wonderful eye candy to look at. Have you ever tried to mix paint that is the same color as the salmon color in your sky pic? No matter how many times I’ve tried there’s just something about it… I can’t make it up and I’m pretty darn good at mixing colors. lol

  2. That feeder is good protection for the finches while they feed. great photographs, especially the night shot without tripod;you must have a steady hand!

    Terri, you’ll never mix the colour since it isn’t one colour, but many gradations of a base colour over a fairly large area. The brain just tries to minimise the number of colours the eye deals with!

  3. Beautiful sunset photo! And, I really like the ski area. I drove past one on the way to my sister’s house and it took me by surprise…I hardly ever drive down at night, and have never done it in the winter before. Heck, I didn’t even know it was there! Beautiful the way the lights turn the flaming orange in the night.

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