A Dillar a Dollar….

 I’ve a wee Scottish Scholar. But more on that further in the post!

This morning began much more agreeably than yesterday. After doing a few chores, I wandered into the office and asked Mark if we could watch a little tv. After getting over the initial shock (as I rarely ever ask to watch tv) he said he wanted to show me something first….

Several years ago, he had recorded a show on the Learning Channel about Beavers. The show was so instructive, showing the underwater lodges and such. The cinematography was fabulous. Mark showed that particular show to Angus, who enjoys watching tv. I have no idea why, but Angus will become glued to the television whenever any nature or animal programs are on!

Well, there was a *new* version of the Beaver show, called Leave it to the Real Beavers. Mark grabbed the remote and put on the show. Immediately, Angus sat at attention and every muscle in his body tensed….as the show progressed, we needed to grab hold of his harness, lest he jump at the tv screen! It was just too funny!

After Angus’s shenanigans, Mark looked through several recorded programs called Rick Steve’s Europe.  He finally found one just for me which was done in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I learned that the Scottish were amongst the first to educate their children, using the Bible as their “primer”. The Scots were very progressive regarding not only literature, but also math, and science.  This program really gave me such a good glimpse into the city, and I remembered several places from things I had read on my Scottish friends’ blogs!

One of the most humorous things I heard on that program came from a guide at the castle who proclaimed, “We Scots have short arms and deep pockets!” Ah, what an eloquent way to profess frugality! Very clever!

After watching the show, I helped Mark  get into the shower. When we came back into the office, low and behold! Look at Angus!


Yes, we actually found him with calculator in paw, with an engineering design book as well! Mark quizzed the little fellow what it was he wanted to accomplish with the calculator. I was sure being a “Scot”, he was just exercising his brain, but as Mark spoke with him, he was sure Angus was calculating how many cookies we owed the laddie!


Of course, Angus agreed with Mark. Ah well….

We went to town for a bit late this afternoon and as we drove up the road, I asked Mark to stop just for a moment…


The skies were an intense blue and that is the (unfocused) moon behind the branches.  The day was so beautiful, with temperatures that hovered near 30 (F), but the winds were blowing wickedly! 

Today turned out to be a rather relaxing day and everyone was mellow.  With the weekend coming, the kids worked quietly on their schoolwork and life just seemed so much smoother than yesterday.

We will be watching the Sabres play hockey tonight….they have had a terrible losing streak and we are certainly praying it ends tonight!