I thought my header was rather clever and appropriate for the photo above!

I haven’t been taking a lot of photos lately, as I have been in a “funk”. I think this morning I really overstepped all sense of decorum….I rolled out of bed, marched downstairs, and turned into what I can only describe as resembling Attila the Hun.  I have no idea what caused my normal demeanor to turn so contradictorally, but I was a terror!

Perhaps one of the contributing factors was that I searched for some information on my camera this morning, and Ken Rockwell, whom I always read and admired has a (new) review on his site regarding my camera. He basically said not to buy this camera…..either buy the cheaper model, or the pro model.  This left my blood pressure rising, as I really wasn’t looking for this! Argh!

I stomped into the office where Mark was already ahead of me…..searching on the internet for the information I was seeking. He must have decided it would be better to pacify rather than rationalize after hearing my heated tirade!

My goal for today was to photograph the Scottie weathervane with the Scottie being still, and the anemometer in motion.  Because of my ill-humor, I only took a few photos. This one isn’t great, but one can certainly detect the motion in the photo.


Perhaps another factor in my moodiness was the disappearance of sunshine lately! It was working on trying to peep out from the rather dark and dreary sky today, but it was a no-go.


This afternoon, I did settle down, but there was just this crazy “unsettled” feeling like everything is falling apart.  I want so much to figure out all the bells and buttons on my camera, but it seems like every time I sit down to work on it, I get sidetracked.

By late afternoon, I was (almost) back to myself.  As I dug about in the fridge, it seemed like finding anything for dinner was useless. I finally decided to look for a recipe for chicken breasts I had taken out of the freezer earlier today. I looked for a recipe that used chicken as well as capers. I had never used them before, but picked some up the other day. Mark said they are used in cooking on many of the Food Network  shows.

I popped one of the capers out of the jar and nearly gagged on it. Blehhhh!!! I found a recipe that uses the chicken, capers, garlic, and artichoke hearts. The recipe was one from the Good Morning, America show. I was still a bit brittle, and methinks if Mark had complained, I probably would have grabbed my iron skillet and when the police showed up, I would plead insanity!

As it worked out, I made Zatarain’s Rice Pilaf with the chicken dish, along with a salad. Mark said if we went out and had this meal, he was sure it would carry a hefty price! Phew! 

I cannot say I am disappointed to see this day come to a close. I am thankful my online friends and readers did *not* have to deal with my outrageous behavior today.  Tomorrow is a brand new day and I just know it is going to be *so* much better!