Open Mouth and Insert Foot!

Well, that is how I felt after posting that last (miserable) post!  I guess the moral of the story is that there are always going to be inconsiderate people, or people just having a bad day around all the time….c’est la vie, eh?


So, this is the big 4 pound tin of cookies I bought. I really did have to go rescue them from the monsters guys, as they nearly polished off the top layer! Okay, Michelle had some, and I had three. They sure are good!


Funny story, though….Ben only remembers those hard little Danish cookies that come in the blue tins. To me, they are too hard and dry. My father-in-law used to buy the Danish cookies, and when the kids came for a visit, he always offered them. They came in different shapes and had different variations….some had tiny raisin-looking fruits, (currents?) some had sugar sprinkled on top, and some were just plain made into different shapes.

Ben watched as I opened the big plaid tin. He looked at the top layer….then took a cookie. Mmmmm…..these are good! Then his hand reached in again, as he inquired where the “other” vareties were. I told him these are ALL Scottish shortbread.  The look on his face was priceless! He has basically decided these cookies might surpass the Danish variety!

Shopping Blues, or…why I don’t *like* to shop!

This morning, Carly called and asked if I might meet her, as she is leaving for Florida tomorrow.  I jumped at the chance, as I had some little things for her kids that have been waiting till I see them.

Carly had picked up the cutest little Scottie shirt at Kohl’s, so she had that for me. Sarah also had an adorable little toy Scottie dog with a soft doghouse that it goes inside….it is certainly cute, and Sarah is a wonderful shopper! Too bad I can’t say the same for myself!

 Without sounding too ornery, have a look at what I found “parked” next to my car when I came out of BJ’s after doing a little shopping for groceries…..


Yes, that is my Explorer on the left…Isn’t it thoughtful of someone to leave not only a kiddie shopping cart, but also a flatbed cart as well, right next to my car.  I should add the fact that this parking lot lies on quite a steep grade, so far as parking lots are concerned.  I was less than a happy camper. Let me show you why……


Yup. A mere four spaces up was a cart return area! But wait! Directly behind where these carts were placed, guess what? ANOTHER cart return! I walked over from my Explorer to this one and I counted exactly 12 steps. Now, mind you, I am short and don’t take big strides! So, for a more “average” person, this might well have been only 10 steps!

And, just to add insult to injury,  note the little message below the bold type on the sign!


 Okay, I will count my blessings. Beginning with the fact that despite quite windy conditions, the carts did remain where the thoughtful shopper placed them.  Yes, I used to shop with two little ones, and I always secured the kids in their seats, locked the doors, and returned the shopping cart.

Ah well, no harm done. But I cannot help but wonder….most folks drive vehicles these days that cost at least $20,000. That certainly isn’t “peanuts”. So, how would *they* feel had someone left a cart next to *their* vehicle?

On a lighter note, I bought some Walker’s Shortbread Cookies made in Scotland! I love shortbread cookies, and they are kind of hard to find. (most everything in the stores these days comes from China! Scottish cookies are VERY unusual here!) The only problem is, Mark and Ben are downstairs EATING them….uh oh….better save the cookies!!!