Such a Precious Face!

This afternoon, I was so lucky to meet my friend, her daughter, and the sweetest baby boy! He will soon be four months old and is amazing! He was so patient as we laughed and chatted….he looked around the restaurant, entertaining himself quite handily. I was surprised to see the little fellow stand up on his feet and play, as though he was ready to *really* stand on his own two feet!


I cannot remember the last time I held a baby while eating a meal, but I managed to do so rather well, assuring Mom I would be careful… and *if* I were to spill any food on Baby, it would be quite by accident!

Of course, being a “manchild”,after three hours of visiting, he grabbed the keys, telling his mom and grandma that it was time to go!


Baby and Mom live far away, so this was such a great opportunity for me to see them!  I enjoyed every minute of our visit and treasure times like this as they seem far too rare!