Early to Bed, Early to Rise!

Last night, I purposed to get to bed early so I could get up early this morning. I really enjoy being up long before everyone else.

I bounced out of bed by 5:00 and fed the Scotties. After taking them outside, I decided to soak in the freshly-changed water of the hot tub. When I first went outside, I noted that the sky was so black! It was perfect, as the “pallette” was pitch dark, and the stars seemed to pop!

I leaned back against the seat, my head resting at the top of the tub, so I could look intently above me. It was so peaceful sitting there, with only the starlight and small LED in the tub lighting the darkness surrounding me.  My eyes searched the skies above me….the sky was cloudless and the stars were so many!  This brought to my mind the story of Abraham in the Bible……

Genesis 15:5
And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be.

As I thought about Abraham, I wondered how this old man felt, being told by the God of the Universe, that he would be the father of many! As I looked at the stars, I could see that many were much brighter than others….Did Abraham wonder at those who would follow….if some would be more outstanding than others? Or, was his mind boggled just at the thought of wondering the logistics of how this was to transpire?

Abraham was living as a Nomad, and as such, was unencumbered by all the “stuff” we impose upon ourselves today. It seems we need more stuff to take care of the stuff we have! Abraham…..what were his grave concerns? Food, water, making sure his tents were secure. Attacks from wild animals. Attacks from enemies….I am sure his life was not easier, by a longshot. But, I do believe he must have been less encumbered!

As I thought about this, I began to realize that I would certainly love to live this life less encumbered as well! Oh, I love technology and all the advances it has taken, but I pray that all of these things remain less important in my own life and that God and others would be my primary concern. To have the faith of Abraham; Oh, what a noble aspiration!

Amazing, the thoughts while soaking in the hot tub, eh?