Saying Au Revoir to the Magnificent Weather…

Yesterday, the day definitely turned out to be everything the weatherman predicted, and more! It was an amazing day!

We had made plans to meet with Mark’s mom, sister, and niece, as we hadn’t yet gotten together for Christmas! So, we celebrated a bit late….my mother-in-law is Ukrainian, so I guess we were celebrating the Russian Christmas!

We arrived in the afternoon and got to meet Debbie’s new little puppy. Little Tootsie is quite the charmer. She is so intelligent and friendly… is hard to ever imagine anyone treating such a sweet little dog with anything less than the kindness every pet deserves! She was so inquisitive…she hopped up onto an ottoman and watched every time Debbie opened a package.  She would poke her head into any gift bags to make sure she hadn’t missed seeing anything!

Nicole had to leave a little earlier than everyone else, as she had to go to work. Nicole is in her third year of college. So hard to believe, as she was only 2 years old when I first met Mark!

Mark’s mom ordered pizza and wings and we all had such a good time chatting over the food.  After Debbie left, we went upstairs as Mark wanted to replace what he thought was a faulty switch to turn on a light in the kitchen. He replaced the switch quick as a wink, but when the switch was turned on…..nothing. Ugh! We replaced the bulb in the fixture and *still* nada.  Ben climbed up on a ladder and took the entire fixture down. After some tests by Mark, he discovered that the socket and electric cord to it had shorted out and the thing was causing some arcing! Mark will rewire the light, put in a new socket, and we will rehang it, good as new!

By the time we arrived back home, we were all so tired! I went upstairs and as it was still so mild outside, I popped the window open before going to bed….

At 5:30 this morning, I was (quite rudely, if you ask me!) awakened by the sound of what sounded like pellets splashing against the window pane. As I hopped out of bed, I was astonished by the sound of the wind outside. It sounded as though the entire house was going to lift up off its foundation and go flying into the air!  (I did know that we were under a “wind advisory” as I had read about it yesterday)

As I closed the window, it was admittedly a bit hard to say good-bye to the delightful weather of yesterday!  Ah well….once the cold weather comes back, the weather of yesterday will certainly give us all something to look forward to once again!! By April, things should be looking up again…..after all, “April showers bring May flowers”, right?

Ummm…..take a look at this photo taken last April 16! Oh, this is entitled, April Showers!