A Magnificent Morning!


This morning as I stepped out the door, I was greeted by the sky above. It was outstanding, and so beautiful! I walked around a bit and was so “stunned” (for lack of a better description!) by the warmth surrounding me. The weather is just so very unusual for this time of the year, but we are told by tomorrow, things *will* once again be returning to “normal”!

Mark installed AccuWeather on my cell phone, and it gives all the temperatures in both Fahrenheit (the US) and Celsius. (the entire rest of the world!) We are supposed to reach a high today of 68 degrees, or 20 degrees Celsius.

Yesterday, I drained the water from the hot tub so I could do a changeover. Today, I will refill the tub up. Mark also suggested that perhaps Michelle and I could give the truck and Explorer a little washing, as they are both looking quite forlorn in their coating of dirty saline road grunge!

As I was outside planning my strategies for today, I heard the distinct chattering of Goldfinches overhead. As I looked up, there must have been a flock of 50 of them! They flew so rapidly (and rather intently!) that I could not poise my camera quickly enough to capture them….as I made my way across the porch to the side of the house where the feeder is located, I spotted them sitting high atop the trees. There must have been 50 of them! Apparently, they do like to travel together.

Well, my work is calling to me and there is a great deal to be done before the wintry weather once again resumes!