Fritz, Again!

Yesterday, we made a little day trip down to Olean, New York, to meet with my parents and brother, Randy. We hadn’t gotten together with them to celebrate Christmas as it seems like there are just so many appointments and activities that keep us so busy! Add to that the threats of winter storms and we just haven’t made any trips that way.

The weather here has been so unusual…..the temperatures are rising every day. At night, the temperatures haven’t been receding, but staying warm, or even rising. So very unusual! We have had many “January thaws” in the past, but they only last a day or two!

Since yesterday was promising to remain warm, we called my parents and they said it would be convenient for them to meet, so we decided on a restaurant and were on our way.

We ate, then exchanged presents. However, the *highlight* of our meeting was seeing little Fritz once again!


I cannot believe how much the little fellow has grown.


When Fritz saw me, he wiggled back and forth, nearly squirming right out of my father’s arms. As I got close to him, he lunged into my face and began a thorough face washing, not missing any area at all! He is such a cute little fellow and just so full of life! My mother chuckled as she told me that instead of doing housework or something that might need attending, she and my dad find themselves getting down on the floor to play with the frisky little pup! He is such a sweet little boy and he just wants to play all the time!

My mom kept telling me that Fritz’s nose was getting longer and “pointier”. Well, in this pose, it certainly is evident she is correct!


We had a good time, talking and catching up on the latest news, but little Fritz really stole the spotlight! Puppies are just so much fun and my mother said it best when she asked what they did before Fritz?