Chocolates, Scotties….and….

Yesterday, I decided that since the sun was shining and my wanderlust was kicking (and kicking HARD!) we should take a trip to the mall to do some returns and perhaps even a little shopping! Mark unhesitatingly agreed so we were off for the afternoon.

Since we were going to be near the family’s favorite Chinese restaurant, I mentioned lunch and everyone gave the thumbs up.  We ordered ahead and picked it up along the way.  I told Mark I needed something to drink with my meal, so we sent Ben into CVS Drugstore to grab me a Pepsi.  As we awaited his return, I told Mark maybe they have some cool Christmas stuff marked down! I am sure I heard him groan as I opened the door and swung my feet on down to the ground!

Okay….so, you can say that I live under a rock. I won’t be the least bit insulted or annoyed as I rarely ever watch television at all. I do listen to the radio, but the Christian station I hear doesn’t have any advertisements at all.  Thus, I live a seemingly un-inundatedbythemedia life!

As I gazed up and down the 75% off Christmas aisle, my eyes lit upon Hershey’s kisses.  My family loves the Peanut Butter Blossom cookies made with kisses on the top, so I decided to pick up a couple of bags that I could freeze to use later.  The only thing is, there were *several* different types of bags of kisses!  I timidly picked up one bag….hmmm…..CHERRY CORDIAL CREMES! Were they kidding? I LOVE cherries! I really can turn down chocolate most any time, but cherries and chocolate? Mmmmmm! That bag was mine! As I perused, there were Candy Cane Kisses (white chocolate with pieces of peppermint candy cane in them) and Mint Truffles, as well as (the healthier) Special Edition Dark Chocolate Kisses, which I declined.


I went to the register with my little bags of sweet treats, along with a box of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups for Michelle. The box was rather large, with a wild green and pinkish print on it. It said on the outside that the box was a recipe card box and contained 24 recipe cards, using hershey’s products along with the big bag of mini Reese’s cups inside.  I also bought another small box of Dove chocolates for a gift.  When the total for all of these goodies was $6.01, I nearly flipped! The Hershey’s Kisses normally sell for 2/$5.00 on special!

I walked to the car, feeling rather smug. I showed Mark the goods with a poker face and he thought I had lost my mind. Then when I told him those Kisses were 75 cents a bag, he told me to run back and grab MORE! Thus, we have several bags of Kisses hidden away!

After the great candy caper, we were off to the mall. Ben had wanted a specific belt, so Mark looked online and found one at the mall. He called ahead to confirm that they actually had them in the store, so Ben and I went into the mall together.  After buying his belt, I wanted to check out Macy’s, as I had bought some really cute and very functional Scottie socks there before Christmas. I figured they would be on sale if they had any left.

As I walked into the misses department, my eyes felt deceived as I ran head on to a rack featuring this:


For some reason unknown to me, manufacturers always produce Scottie sweaters at Christmas, so every year, I wear a new sweater for the big day! This one was marked down 65% and is wool, as opposed to my collection of cotton Scottie sweaters! (all bought after Christmas, and all on sale!)

The photo below shows the detail on the nape of the neck.


Macy’s had no Scottie socks, but the sweater was a good consolation, so I worked my way back to the truck. I had to stop into Sears for Mark, so as I walked past the ladies department, what should jump off the shelves at me? Yes, Scottie pajamas! Okay, I NEED pajamas like I need a hole in the head. But, at 50% off, these flannel jammies looked so warm and cozy. AND, Michelle might like them!  (and, she did, indeed!)


By this time, I was nearly delirious. I belong to Scottie email lists, “boards”, whatever you choose to call them. The women there are constantly telling about the Scottie goodies they score here and there. Well, I never seem able to find anything Scottie very often, so I felt rather pleased!

And, whilst on the subject of great “finds”, I must show the terrific windbreaker I discovered at Sam’s Club the other day…..


YES! Only a couple of weeks ago, I moaned to Mark that I would LOVE to have a jacket with the Sabres’ new colors. They were previously red and black, but I LOVE the dark navy and gold colors they now sport!  I had walked into Sam’s and found a table with a SEA of Canary yellow windbreakers sitting on it.  Now, don’t get me wrong. Canary is a wonderful color IF one looks good in it. But, it makes me appear pale and sickly. Michelle and I dug through the pile and she found this one single BLUE with canary trim windbreaker! It is a men’s large, which is really too big on me, but Mark said it looks fine. So, I wear it!

Wow! I have been finding some cool things!  And, I found something else at home last night to top everything off!

I have a very dear friend down in Pennsylvania who is the “listmom” for one of my Scottie email lists. She had two Scotties….Piper, who was 7, and Max (I think Max is 3) Shortly before Christmas, the breeder (Alix) who sold her Max passed away. Alix was not that old, and it was a real shock to the Scottie world. She originally had a knee surgery, and things went downhill from there.

Well, just 4 days after Christmas, Jan (my friend) lost her little Piper. My heart goes out to Jan, as she was shocked and saddened by Alix’s death. Her little Piper went into renal failure and passed in her sleep. I wanted to send a little something more than just a card. As I was cleaning the bedroom yesterday, I found another one of the crocheted Scottie “pictures” like the ones I made my friend and Murphy’s breeder! I was so happy to find this. I am going to buy a frame it and get it sent off to Jan next week. The strange part is, I have no recollection of making this!

Sometimes we don’t even have to leave the house to find just the right gift!